With this Fisher Price joystick you play (hard) in Elden Ring

Con questo joystick Fisher Price si gioca (forte) a Elden Ring thumbnail

If you have a joystick Fisher Price know that you can consider it to all intents and purposes a level gaming accessory. In fact, in these hours, the project of a modder who has managed to transform the toy is circulating on the Net in un joystick per Xboxcomplete with commands to play Elden Ring. And that’s not all. He did it without losing any of the sound effects built into the Fisher Price gamepad. This means you can hear those soft little voices that kids like while playing loud on the console. Unbelievable, but (very) true.

The Fisher Price joystick becomes an Xbox controller

The Fisher Price joystick that becomes an Xbox controller is making the rounds of the Net. But if you are wondering whose idea it was that brilliant, know that a similar project can be linked to only one name: Dylan “Rudeism” Beck. The native streamer from New Zealand, in fact, made himself known for quite a few adventures of this genre. Like playing Dark Soul III with a one-button “Morse code” controller, or building an enhanced Force gauntlet for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Yet, apparently, the Fisher Price joystick is one of Rudeism’s favorite designs, “just because of the clean looks”.

After a few hours of work, the modder was able to assemble an entire clone Arduino Pro Microand joystick a due assi – the original Fisher Price one had only one button – e some microswitches to activate the click of the original. Yet despite all this work, the original controller buttons still work. The only discordant note is that the joystick must actually be connected to the power supply, since “unfortunately there is not much space for batteries“.

According to reports from Rudeism, it all started out as a joke, but it ended up becoming a more than serious project. The user Wario64 tweeted that the gamepad would be “perfect for Elden Ring” and decided to put it to the test. And Rudeism not only took up the challenge, but completed it in the best possible way. Now, however, the goal is to play Elden Ring with the Fisher Price joystick. – What envy! –

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