Apple lancia la borraccia smart Hidrate Spark thumbnail

Apple introduces the new Hidrate Spark smart bottle

Apple launches the Hidrate Spark thumbnail smart bottle

Apple has announced the launch of the new “smart” bottle Hidrate Spark. It is an intelligent bottle capable of keeping under control the amount of water drunk by the user. This data can then be integrated with health monitoring and fitness data to provide an even more complete picture for users. This way, users will be able to receive reminders not to forget to drink the water they need.

Apple’s Hidrate Spark smart water bottles debut

The new Hidrate Spark are available on the Apple store. There are four different options available to users, with prices range between $ 59.95 and $ 79.95price related to the “PRO STELL” version of the “smart water bottle“, Or the smart bottle as it is defined by Apple. In addition to the price, the capacity of the bottles also changes, between 590 ml and 950 ml.

A smart training accessory

Choosing a new Hidrate Spark from Apple is the right way, according to the company, for make your training even smarter. In this way, in fact, it is possible to monitor fluid intake and always have the level of hydration under control in relation to your needs. This accessory, certainly comfortable but also expensive, could soon arrive in Italy. For more details you can consult the Apple site.

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