Withings annuncia U-Scan, lettore di urine premiato ai CES 2023 Innovation Award thumbnail

Withings announces the CES 2023 Innovation Award-winning urine reader U-Scan

After four years of development, Withingsthe global leader in hi-tech health, is proud to announce U-Scana revolutionary home device by biomarker analysis it can be placed inside the toilet to obtain valuable information on one’s health through urine.

What is U-Scan

U-Scan was awarded ai CES 2023 Innovation Award winning in three categories: Smart Home, Fitness & Sports e Digital Health. But why is a device capable of monitoring our pee so important?

To understand this, we must ask ourselves another question: why, when we request routine analyses, the general practitioner also inserts urine tests?

The answer is very simple: because with more than 3000 metabolites, urine is an amazing means of monitoring health. In fact, it provides an immediate snapshot of what is the balance of our body and consequently of our state of health. So wouldn’t it be convenient to have a device capable of monitoring our pee every time we go to the bathroom?

In fact, we tend to pee 7 times a day, but we usually do urine tests once a year. U-Scan was created just for break this habitmaking it possible to conduct a biomarker analysis right from the toilet at home.

The structure of Withings U-Scan

U-Scan is designed to be a versatile platform, consisting of a technologically advanced soap bar reader and interchangeable test cartridges designed to evaluate specific biomarkers, without the need to acquire additional samples or external strips. Also, by syncing with the app Withings Health Matethe user receives a wealth of information.

The debut in Europe is expected with two cartridges: U-Scan Cycle Sync for monitoring the menstrual cycle e U-Scan Nutri Balanceideal for learning the basics of hydration and proper nutrition.

“U-Scan’s ability to perform daily urine analysis from home will allow Withings to help consumers take full advantage of urine data on a whole new level,” he said. Mathieu Letombe, CEO di Withings. “It’s one of the most exciting and complex products we’ve ever announced. We begin this journey with U-Scan Cycle Sync and Nutri Balance and look forward to announcing more cartridges on an ongoing basis.”

How does it work

U-Scan was developed in collaboration with industry experts and required four years of work before seeing the light. Overall, it performs two tasks:

  • Automated sample acquisition via a sophisticated reader placed inside the toilet bowl: With a diameter of only 90 mm, the U-Scan reader is designed to be able to distinguish between waste water or other liquids poured into the toilet and urine, automatically detecting samples for analysis. The collected urine flows to a collection inlet, flowing into a capsule and then analyzed by an optical module.
  • Analysis of biomarkers: U-Scan’s rotating barrel cartridge is designed for chemical analysis of urine, providing reliable results. When the reader detects the sample, U-Scan starts the chemical analysis in seconds transmitting the results automatically via Wi-Fi connection. Then rotate the cartridge to run the next sample for a retest. Each cartridge is designed to last up to three months.

Also U-Scan can distinguish between the various users who use it thanks to its function Stream ID. In practice, the radar sensors incorporated in the reader measure several variables, managing to associate the urine flow with an individual thanks to the detection of movements and the distance of the jet. The user’s identity information is then entered into the app.

Availability of Withings U-Scan

U-Scan will be available in Europa from Q2 2023 with Nutri Balance and Cycle Sync consumer cartridges. Users will be able to purchase the starter kit for the price of 499,95 euro and they can sign up for a subscription to cyclically receive new refill cartridges or buy them directly on withings.com.

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