WiZ presents the Home Monitoring solution for lighting and home security

WiZ presenta la soluzione Home Monitoring per l'illuminazione e la sicurezza per la casa thumbnail

Signify is a world leader in lighting. He presented the solution Home Monitoring to be integrated into the WiZ intelligent lighting system. It aims to ensure perfect integration between lighting and security in a simple and intuitive way. In fact, WiZ has always improved the daily life of its users not only thanks to lights that simulate a presence within the home, but also thanks to innovative light alarms. They are activated by night vision cameras and SpaceSence motion detection technology. Thus combining lighting and security, these WiZ innovations allow you to feel safer and more comfortable in your own home.

WiZ, the Home Monitoring to discourage unwanted guests thanks to light and motion detection technology

WiZ integrates the Home Monitoring solution within its intelligent lighting system. Strengthened by the fact that one of the most effective ways to discourage potential intruders is to make the house as bright as possible. Thus giving the impression of being inside even when you are not present.

With the aim therefore of ensuring a smooth user experience and proof of unpleasant interruptions, the WiZ app has been optimized with the addition of new and intuitive features. As the so-called ‘Monitoring Routines’ customizable options that allow you to manage and monitor your entire home lighting with just one tap from the app. In fact, simply click on the desired routine to let the WiZ system know that you are leaving the house. And then activate the light automatisms to better protect it.

The WiZ app can also alert you to suspicious activity in and/or near your home, enabling immediate action. With the SpaceSense sensing technology, every compatible WiZ device turns into a motion sensor. It intercepts any movement in the coverage area.

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Awarded with major awards, this technology makes the WiZ intelligent ecosystem one of the most complete that, when combined with the new WiZ Indoor Camera, ensures 360° coverage of the home. Users can also decide whether to activate WiZ monitoring throughout the house or only in certain areas, as well as quickly turn it off when not needed.

WiZ Indoor Camera, ideal for keeping every corner of your home under control: Home Monitoring objective

An important element of the new Home Monitoring solution is the WiZ Indoor Camera, which guarantees tranquility and safety to your home. In fact, this camera allows you to see everything that is happening inside the home at any time, sending an alert in case of detection of suspicious movements or noises. As soon as you receive the notification, simply open the WiZ app and see live what’s happening.

Equipped with night vision, the Wiz Indoor Camera ensures a 24/7 monitoring, even at night. Night vision is activated automatically when the light level drops and, through infrared, allows users to see at night without missing any detail. The camera is also able to detect sudden noises and send alerts when, for example, the sounds of a break-in or fire alarms are picked up.

Then there are a number of additional features that make this camera ideal for protecting your home, such as two-way audio, image-based motion detection, 120-degree angle viewing, Full HD mode and a card slot. SD. If you were approaching the WiZ ecosystem for the first time, it starter kit Home Monitoringconsisting of the new WiZ Indoor Camera and WiZ bulbs, is the perfect way to discover all the advantages associated with the WiZ Home Monitoring system.

WiZ will also provide an optional subscription service to unlock additional features such as the ability to store media content from the WiZ Indoor Camera in the cloud for up to 30 days, define monitoring areas or start a manual recording while the WiZ camera is stream.

How does it work?

Just imagine a scenario like this: when it’s time to leave for the holidays, you have to activate the mode ‘Vacation Mode’ which simulates our presence inside the house. In this way, if movement is detected, the WiZ lights – inside and outside the house – turn on and start flashing, thus informing the neighbors of the presence of unwanted guests.

You will be notified of the detected movement by receiving a notification on your smartphone, so you can check the situation in your home in real time, directly from the WiZ app, as well as you can access the multimedia contents previously recorded within the activity overview. And so the game is done. In short, with WiZ’s Home Monitoring solution you are never unaware of what is happening, even when you are away from home.

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