Questo programma ha capacità rigenerative, come Wolverine thumbnail

Wolverine, the self-regenerating AI program with GPT-4

Artificial intelligence has spawned a program that has the name and “superpowers” of one of the X-Men. The developer”BioBootloader” created Wolverinea program that can give Python programs “regenerative healing ability” – they know how to repair themselves, just like the hero from Marvel comics.

Wolverine, the AI ​​program that regenerates itself

“Run your scripts with Wolverine and when they crash, GPT-4 modifies them and explains what went wrong,” BioBootloader wrote in a tweet accompanying a demonstration video. “Even if you have a lot of bugs, it will run repeatedly until everything is fixed.”

An automatic debugging system, which allows you to improve and remove errors from your code. A regenerative algorithm, the X-Men of programs.

GPT-4 is the multimodal AI language model created by OpenAI and released in March, the very latest version of the system underpinning programs such as ChatGPT and Bing Chat. At the moment, it is available for the ChatGPT Plus subscribers and API form for beta testers. By analyzing billions of documents, books and sites taken from the Web, it has great text processing capabilities. Something you can use for typesetting, language translation, and programming. Even the regenerative one.

Automatic debugging

In the Wolverine demo video, BioBootloader shows a tiled window, with Python code on the left and Wolverine results on the right in a terminal. The test is a simple custom calculator script, where the developer purposely added some bugs.

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Upon receiving the code, Wolverine “Runs it, sees the crash, but then goes and talks to GPT-4 to try to figure out how to fix it.” GPT-4 not only fixes problems, it delivers an explanation for program errorsshows the changes it tries to make, then run the program again.

In case you see new errors, GPT-4 fixes the code again and then it works correctly. Finally, the original Python file contains the changes added by GPT-4. And it works exactly as BioBootloader intended.

A tool for programmers – but also a possible IT revolution

The programmer has made the code available on GitHub, so that everyone can use it. And BioBootloader says the technique could do automatic debugging of other programming languages ​​as well.

Using the Wolverine program requires a chiave API OpenAI per GPT-3.5 o GPT-4 and usage charges apply – so it’s already a commercial product, for users to use. At the moment, the GPT 3.5 API is open to anyone with an OpenAI account, but access to GPT-4 is still restricted by a waiting list.

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We’ve seen several uses of GPT-4 in recursive loops lately. There are examples like Auto-GPT e BabyAGI, which attempted to give GPT-4 more ability to act automatically. While they’re just tests at the moment, techniques like Wolverine show potential for a game-changing future. A tomorrow where apps could be able to fix its own bugs, even unexpected ones that might emerge after implementation.

Not only that – a tomorrow where AI could also optimize scripts for hardware, for personal use. Personalized computing and potentially constantly evolving. Even if the commitment of the community of programmers will be needed to understand how to make the most of these technologies – without running risks.

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