Women and technology: by 2022 they will account for 33% of the workforce

Donne e tecnologia: entro il 2022 saranno il 33% della forza lavoro thumbnail

According to an article by Deloitte by the end of 2022 the percentage of donne who work in the tech sector will reach 33%, reaching an incredible record. Let’s find out all the details together.

Women in the tech sector: Deloitte’s research

The number of donne which becomes part of the technology sector increases every day. Companies no longer recognize themselves in the status quo, they are finally beginning to understand the value of a diverse workforce and offer equal opportunities for people.

The stories of how diversity has changed the culture of companies, often also improving turnover, underline the evolution of the workforce and the essential role that women play in this process. According to an article by Deloitte, in fact, the percentage of women working in the tech sector will reach 33% by the end of the year.

This is an exciting transition time for women, in an industry from always dominated by men. However, there are still many obstacles that slow down women’s access to the workforce. With the proper resources and guidelines, businesses can fortunately guarantee women the necessary skills to overcome difficulties and undertake satisfying professional careers. Among them we find the mentoring.

The impact of the mentorship on professional satisfaction is impressive: 40% of women cite the lack of mentoring as one of the main problems in the technology sector, along with lack of female role models and career opportunities.

In this Acronis, a leading company in cyberprotection, can be considered a pioneer and constantly engaged in inspiring and training women in the technological field. Acronis has indeed officially launched the mentorship program which involved over 50 mentees worldwide.

An initiative of #CyberWoman

The program does part of the #CyberWomen initiativewhose goal is to identify, train, inspire and guide the next generation of female leaders. They have been identified 50 women with high potentialwhich were selected through a performance analysis process included within a mentoring program offered by 40 among business leaders.

Successful candidates will receive guidance from recognized industry leaders, including:

  • Paul MaritzPresident and former CEO of VMware;
  • René Bonvanieboard member and former CMO of Palo Alto Networks;
  • Philip Roeslerformer German Deputy Chancellor and one of our advisors.

For these initiatives to be successful, every company must ensure that employees have the tempo not resources Necessary for connect with potential mentors regularly and in private. The employees included in the mentorship programs they will have the opportunity in the future to become mentors themselves, thus helping to strengthen the bond and sense of community in the workplace between women and people from different backgrounds.

Studies have shown that mentored employees are promoted up to five times more than their colleagues without.

Thanks to a consistent mentoringevery woman can aspire to professional growth and inspire the next generation of women who are strong, confident and eager to enter the technology sector, with long-term benefits for both the market and the people.