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Women in Games publishes a guide with the aim of promoting gender equality

Lately Women in Games has published a guide whose goal is to promoting gender equality. It is a free brochure designed for all those who are “interested in engaging and promoting greater diversity and inclusion”. Let’s find out all the details together.

Gender equality with the guidance of Women in Games

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Women in Games has published a new booklet with the aim of addressing the under-representation in the gaming industry, especially the opportunities for women.

The guide is called ‘Building a Fair Playing Field’ and attempts to ‘address gender inequality on a large scale’. At the same time, it has set itself the goal of “highlighting the role of leadership in achieving equity” and “encouraging and making change possible”.

The guide contains 150 pages of “information, inspiration, resources, first-hand testimony, case studies, recommendations and more for those interested in engaging in and promoting gender equality and wider diversity and inclusion”.

If you are curious to know more, you can consult the official site. You can also download the guide for free from the Women in Games website.

“The world has changed since the publication of the first Women in Games guide in 2018,” she said Marie-Claire Isaaman, CEO of Women in Games and co-author of the guide. “COVID-19 and its continuing aftermath have brought uncertainty, but also enormous opportunities to drive positive change. Global working practices, and in particular the gaming industries themselves, are transforming and this guide aims to give new impetus to gender equality and equity ”.

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