Women4Women: the fourth issue of Fujifilm magazine is online

Il quarto numero di Woman4Woman è online: ecco dove leggere la rivista di Fujifilm thumbnail

The fourth issue of Fujifilm’s Women4Women magazine is ready to be read online as well. Here is the link and details of the new issue.

Green Issue: here is the fourth issue of Women4Women

The fourth issue of the magazine Women4Women (W4W) of Fujifilm presents all the nuances of sustainability seen through the eyes of professionals from different geographical and professional backgrounds. Fujifilm wanted to dedicate the new issue to personal and business stories. Stories that testify how, in the commitment to a more sustainable future, there is a need for agreed policies, but also for a broad alliance and actions by companies, institutions and citizens, as well as personal and professional daily actions. Not by chance

W4W is spread over 104 pages with more than 30 collaborators involved, inside and outside Fujifilm, who talk about their relationship and actions in defense of the environment, new lifestyles, sustainable solutions to meet daily needs, company innovations in products and processes in the name of a new approach, awareness of difficulties of the moment and real “conversions” in the name of positive impact.

At this link you can read the fourth issue of the magazine called Green Issue.

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