Arriva una versione Battle Royale di Wordle: si chiama Squabble thumbnail

Wordle in Battle Royale sauce: it’s called Squabble!

Today we talk about Squabble, a free game up to 99 players, which incorporates Wordle but in a Battle Royale sauce.

Squabble: Wordle ma in versione Battle Royale

Born of Ottomated, Squabble it’s a multiplayer version of the hugely popular Wordle, which however totally distorts its concept. Goodbye relaxing atmosphere to meditate on the right word: Squabble takes the player on a frantic battle royale in search of the exact word, on pain of death! No that is, let’s not exaggerate. Penalty for elimination from the game. The game modes are two: Blitz (two to five players) e Squabble Royale (6 to 99). The goal is quite simple and intuitive: guess the word before your opponent.

Each player starts with 100 health points, which slowly decrease over time. Wrong words deal damage, and the same is true if an opponent guesses the correct word. Green squares and guessed words will restore health instead. In full Battle Royale style the game continues until there is only one player left. Squabble allows you to create your own private room to play with friends, or try your hand at random matches with strangers. You can try Squabble here, even if it currently is available in English only.

In reality Squabble, in addition to the language barrier, is characterized by a series of minor problems (for example, from PC the experience is not optimal). However, it is still a beta version. Nineteen year old developer Ottomated already has announced its intention to create a dedicated app and improve the gameplay mechanics.

Wordle, recently acquired by the New York Times, has paved the way for a number of very interesting similar games. For example there is the version that uses country names instead of words and the one that allows you to guess Taylor Swift’s lyrics.

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