WWDC 2022: Apple focuses on augmented reality (with or without headset)

WWDC 2022: Apple punta sulla realtà aumentata (con o senza visore) thumbnail

This evening Apple will hold its big developer event, WWDC 2022and it appears that the focus is augmented reality (AR). Not just because the Apple is working on an AR / VR headset for some timewhich it seems it won’t launch until 2023. But because it seems Apple wants to add elements of augmented reality to everyday life, via iPhone and iPad and beyond.

WWDC 2022, focus on AR at the Apple event

In recent years, the changes in iOS and iPadOS have not necessarily been ‘revolutionary’. It is not a criticism, on the contrary: what works can be improved, but it would make no sense to change it without good reason. Apple has become a master at taking the ideas of other manufacturers and developers, studying them to simplify them and make them more stable, and then offer them to its users only when they are absolutely ready. He doesn’t always succeed, but in general misses less than many other rivals.

But as The Verge points out, in the last period it seems that the Apple is focusing on a rather new technology for it such as augmented reality. Something that Apple has shown several times in different demos, or by supporting apps from external developers. But this time it looks like Apple wants to put his face on it, giving an important focus on AR at WWDC 2022.

Last year’s announcement of Live Textwhich allows you to recognize text in the real world through the camera, falls into the category of augmented reality: a smart way to interact with the surrounding world. But with Google who has been working for some time at Lens and Maps and with Snapchat which is pushing hard on AR marketing, Apple wants to catch up. But without losing the simplicity and solidity for which his software has had all this enormous success.

Use iPhone without losing the world around us

Some information came in Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman updates on what to expect from iOS 16. Apple wants avoid “getting lost in our iPhone”, with more organic interactions that don’t steal all of our attention. For this will come more information in the lock screen. And there will be widget more versatile, so that you do not need to open an application for each action on your smartphone. Focus mode should also improve, again for the same reason.

Additionally, the increased computing power (with nearly all iPads leveraging M1 chips like Macs) could lead to a more cohesive ecosystem, where users can work or enjoy entertainment apps continuously on Mac, iPhone and iPad. Something Apple has been working on for some time. And that could be a springboard for the AR viewer.

realityos wwdc 2022 apple

In fact, the idea of ​​launching dedicated hardware could discourage most users, who are reluctant to invest in such a new technology (the “Google Glass” risk is high). If instead the elements of augmented reality came first on iOS and iPadOS, it would be easier to sell the new product.

So there are many experts waiting for important news for Apple’s AR at WWDC 2022. Not so much in graphic rendering or because the Apple could present the viewers that everyone is waiting for (although perhaps we could see a hint of realityOS). But maybe in more advanced modes of interaction– Camera-read gestures instead of touch controls, plus voice control, and more.

Apple wants to pave the way for hers AR viewer and for realityOS. And to do so it must talk about augmented reality across the board: starting from iPhone and other products that are already successful might be the right key. So we expect Apple to put AR at the center of WWDC 2022. We are just a few hours away from the keynote: we will soon know if this is the case or we will be disappointed.

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