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WWE 2K24 is a nostalgia operation that knocked us out – The review

It seems like a century has passed since the release of WWE 2K20, undoubtedly the lowest point of the entire franchise. Now, four years later and with three other chapters that have progressively revived the fortunes of the saga, it arrives WWE 2K24 and in this one our review we will try to understand if he pinned us with a powerful and devastating finisher or if instead we gave in after a tiring submission hold.

WWE 2K24 Showcase Mode: A Love Letter to 40 Years of WrestleMania

The new game arrives in an important year for the history of WWE (which has also given us plenty of changes and scandals in 2024). In addition to this it should be remembered that they will recur in 2024 40 years of WrestleMania. And in fact the game takes the assist and focuses heavily (if not entirely) on the nostalgia effect. As? With a dedicated showcase mode.

Let's face it clearly: Showcase Mode is the fulcrum of all the new games of the WWE franchise (and not only that, we could say of all the sports catalogs developed by 2K). Thanks to the impressive graphics engine that allows extremely fluid transitions between videos and gameplay, WWE 2K24's Showcase Mode allows us to relive (and replay) some of the most iconic moments in WrestleMania's forty-year history. The system is the one consolidated in previous games: we are shown a real event through archive footage and, suddenly, we find ourselves in the square completing objectives that lead us to relive those moments. The narration of Corey Graves it just embellishes everything, as we move between the various eras of WWE (with excellent visual filters) without the need for a Delorean.

It is in all respects a masterful lesson in the history of WWE wrestling, with historical arenas faithfully reproduced. Compared to previous chapters it was removed the obligation to complete all the objectives of the individual matches to continue the story. However, without these, you will not be able to unlock some content in exhibition mode (such as arenas, legends and specific outfits of the same).

Bret Hart Austin WWE 2K24

There are some important critical issues

And so, between Hulk Hogan's legendary bodyslam to Andrè The Giant at WrestleMania 3 and Randy Orton's incredible flying super RKO at WrestleMania 31, nostalgia reigns supreme and we are also able to forgive some important shortcomings of the mode.

Some of these, however, are worthy of note. Above all the appearance of the wrestlers. If for the contemporary roster the performance of the Superstars is almost impeccable, legends have taken a huge step backwards. Of course, icons like Shawn Michaels e Razor Ramon are almost perfectly reproduced, but others like Hulk Hogan e Rowdy Roddy Piper they are bordering on embarrassing, especially for the faces. At times they look more like poorly made action figures.

Hulk Hogan WWE 2K24Hulk Hogan WWE 2K24

Razor Ramon WWE 2K24 recensioneRazor Ramon WWE 2K24 recensione
Showcase Mode: on the left a Hulk Hogan with a decidedly un-Hulkster face, on the right Razor Ramon after the Ladder Match at WrestleMania

There are also some legendary matches missing (where the essential is TLC a tre team di WrestleMania X7?).

WWE 2K24 review: gameplay and content

From the point of view of gameplay, WWE 2K24 strengthens its formula without distorting it. The reverse system can be frustrating at times, but loading the finishers and grabbing them are very satisfying, with the physics of the falling bodies being more than acceptable (even if not perfect).

Here too, however, there are some important critical issues. The first concerns the interaction with objects, still too mechanical and not very credible. In particular, positioning in the ring is, for this writer, the greatest critical issue. Most of the time when you perform your finisher, completely devastating your opponent, you will find his lifeless body near the ropes. Consequentially the pinfall will end in a rope-break. To overcome this you will have to resort to move the opponent to the center of the squareexposing you to a large risk of counterattack (but why, I just devastated you and you turn me around like this?). Button smashing is also very bad to free himself from the drag of his opponents.

The content aspect, however, is surprising WWE 2K24 is the most complete game in the entire franchise. And roster never so large (between legends and today's superstars), one vast selection of match stipulations (casket matches and ambulance matches are also arriving this year) and the exorbitant amount of historic arenas and contemporary make the title a must-have for wrestling fans. Added to this is a massive editorwhich allows you to create everything down to the smallest details: from the appearance of the fighters to the arenas, through to the entrances and the move set.

The other game modes: MyRise, MyGM, MyFaction and MyUniverse

Our review of WWE 2K24 continues with the other game modes present in the title. They surprise us positively MyRise e MyGM. The first is the career mode, which this year offers us two different stories: one for men (called Unidsputed) and one for women (Unleashed).

History has finally freed itself from the cliché of the indie wrestler who arrives at the WWE Undisputed allows us to make our way into the vast WWE roster after that Roman Reigns has decided to make the world champion title vacant. Basically the opposite of the previous chapters: the story begins with an opportunity for the title, and continues with our fighter who will have to gain credibility for the lucky victory of the belt. The story is also interesting Unleashed, in which we will play a wrestler from an independent federation (which in various aspects clearly recalls a parody of TNA) who must choose whether to get involved in the WWE or stay in her comfort zone. Basically the classic situation of the big fish in a pond or small fish in an ocean.

Little to say on the front MyUniversethe well-established sandbox mode of the WWE 2K franchise, while MyGM Mode evolves considerably in detail (while leaving the heart of the game unchanged). However, the MyFaction mode continues to make us turn up our nosesan Ultimate Team-style card game from Fifa/EA Sports FC, but without the fun of the football franchise.

WWE 2K24 review in brief

WWE 2K24 reviewWWE 2K24 review

Wanting to summarize this long review in a few words, WWE 2K24 will delight those who have loved WWE wrestling in their lives, even for a short period. The nostalgia effect is the real driving force of the game, with an exciting Showcase mode and an extremely vast roster. There graphic rendering is mixed, between beautiful arenas and legends that at times seem to have been created too roughly. The MyRise mode is light years away from the very high standards that 2K has achieved with the NBA franchise, but the two stories told are still compelling.

With an exorbitant amount of content, 2K24 is therefore able to satisfy all tastes, between those who love the managerial aspect of MyGM and those who prefer the card game of MyFaction.

Is this the high point of the WWE 2K saga? Probably from the gameplay point of view, no, but from the content offered, definitely yes.

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