Wylde Flowers now exclusively on Apple Arcade

Wylde Flowers da oggi in esclusiva su Apple Arcade thumbnail

Wylde Flowers, the first project by Studio Drydock, a new team of developers based in Australia, is available exclusively on Apple Arcade today. It is a game that fans of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing will enjoy. A cozy farm life simulation game, but with a touch of magic: players will be part of a fascinating world, full of curious characters and magical spells.

Wylde Flowers: How the new Apple Arcade game works

The game is based on an exciting story that mixes the rural world, magic and the journey of self-discovery. Players will take on the role of Tara, who has just arrived on a cozy rural island to help Grandma with her family farm. We will meet a memorable cast of thirty characters, each with an intriguing past, who will find friendship or, perhaps, love. The characters are voiced in full (in English) by a cast that also includes BAFTA award-winning actors. Players will be able to relax and enjoy country life while tending crops, caring for animals, fishing, crafting and much more throughout the day. At night, however, they will be able to take care of their “inner witch” by learning to fly the broom, to prepare potions, to control the weather and the seasons or even to transform into a cat.

From today, updates of various titles are also available on Apple Arcade, such as Lego Star Wars Battles, Zookeeper World, Zen Pinball Party and Super Stickman Golf 3+. Below are the details of these updates:

  • LEGO Star Wars Battles – Season 6 starts with Maz Kanata as the host.
  • Zen Pinball Party – Biolab, a classic Zen Studios pinball table, has arrived. It will be possible to save some creatures and unravel the mystery of the missing cookies from the Mad Scientist’s hi-tech genetic laboratory, or even chase the insidious Pinball Wizard with a friend in the periodic Community Events, a new cooperative game mode coming soon.
  • Zookeeper World – 25 new puzzle levels and new mini-games arrive.
  • Super Stickman Golf 3+ – The update includes a new course pack with the addition of five new courses.