X (ex-Twitter) is back online, after a global down

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The social media platform Xformerly known as Twitter, has lived down, aglobal disruption. As of the morning of Thursday, December 21, the site was experiencing difficulties for more than 77,000 users in the United States who reported the issue. In various countries, including Canada, Great Britain, France and others, users have reported access problems to both X and X Pro.

X (ex-Twitter) returns online after a global downtime

According to data from Downdetectorover 7,000 users in Canada and Great Britain have faced connection problems with the platform. Downdetector, which monitors outages by collecting reports from users, confirmed the existence of this malfunction which began shortly after midnight on the east coast, six in the morning in Italy. However, at the moment the causes still remain unknown.

X users have run into theinability to view posts, accessing a “Welcome to X!” message. while X Pro users received a message stating “Waiting for posts”.

The platform of social mediaafter theacquisition by Muskfaced turmoil and uncertainty, including layoffs involving several engineers responsible for maintenance and management of service interruptions, according to sources inside Reuters.

With X down, many users turned to the app ThreadsMeta’s direct competitor, to discuss the disruption, highlighting difficulty of access to posts, replies and profiles on X. The incident has raised concerns about instability of X, even if the situation seems to have resolved with the site back online.

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