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X (the new Twitter) will offer payment services

The recent announcement of the rebranding di Twitter in Xper Elon Muskwants to lead to the birth of a “everything app” similar to the Chinese WeChat, which will offer many services, including those banking and payment.

Twitter becomes X, and will offer payment services

Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino, thinks the rebranding to X goes far beyond a commercial operation. In a letter to employees, reported by CNBC, Yaccarino says that X aims to “preserve the freedom of expression that has characterized Twitter”, but at the same time, aims to create a “marketplace capable of guaranteeing the economic success of all participants”.

The transformation according to Yaccarino would already be underway, with the introduction of new features in recent weeks. As the possibility for the creators of monetize their content through the payment of a percentage of the revenue generated by the advertisements. But for Yaccarino and Elon Musk the news goes much further.

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Indeed, Elon Musk tweet: “Twitter was acquired by X Corp both to secure free speech and as an accelerator for X, the everything app. This isn’t just a company rebranding itself, it’s doing the same thing. The Twitter name made sense when there were just 140-character messages going back and forth, like…”

The first rumors about these news arrive last January, when Twitter began to request the necessary authorizations from the US authorities to start the creation of the payment platform. But X’s bet on the creating an “everything app” is an ambitious challenge, also because Twitter to date does not have the diffusion of WeChat in China.

In your opinion, will X be able to become the “for everything” app? Let us know in the comments.

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