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X (Twitter) supports audio and video calls

The social media platform formerly known as Twitter, now known as Xis introducing audio and video calls. While the company has not yet made an official announcement, several users have reported receiving notifications on the app announcing the new update.

X, formerly Twitter, launches audio and video calls

Among those who have received notifications in these hours, there are also several American reporters, including those from The Verge who report it here. Audio and video calls appear to have been introduced cautiously, with an emphasis on user choice of enable or disable this feature.

In the app settings, you will now find an option called “Enable audio and video calls”, which allows users to customize who can make calls. You can choose whether to allow calls only from people in your address book, from followed users, from verified accounts or from everyone. This way, users can manage their experience and privacy.

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To make a call, just open a direct chat with another userthen select the icon telephone in the top right corner of the screen and choose between “audio call” or “video call”. The founder of Elon Muskhad previously suggested the introduction of this feature to expand the platform’s capabilities.

X appears to be in the process of rolling out audio and video calls across several platforms, including iOS, Android, Mac e PC, without requiring a phone number to use this feature. It is not yet clear whether this functionality will be available to all users or may require a Premium subscription.

Elon Musk previously mentioned the possibility of charge an annual price for accessing X. In fact, it has already started a test in New Zealand and the Philippines where users have to pay one dollar a year to use the platform. However, it is not yet clear whether this payment model will be extended globally.

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