Xbox e Epic stanno donando i proventi di Fortnite alla popolazione ucraina thumbnail

Xbox and Epic donate Fortnite proceeds to charity for Ukraine

Xbox and Epic are donating Fortnite proceeds to the Ukrainian population. Thumbnail

Xbox also supports Epic Games’ decision: all Fortnite proceeds will go to a fund to bring humanitarian relief to Ukraine.

Fortnite and Xbox in support of Ukraine

Over the weekend, Fortnite developer Epic Games announced it would donated to charity all proceeds from in-game purchases between March 20 and April 3. The money raised will be used to promote humanitarian aid for people affected by the war in Ukraine. Today’s news is that Xbox is also supporting Epic’s cause. With an announcement on Twitter, the company announced that it was “joining Epic to support the Ukrainian people, contributing to Fortnite’s net proceeds during this period of time”.

This is not the only initiative that Xbox has taken towards the Ukrainian crisis. The company has in fact made available the possibility to “donate your Microsoft Rewards points until April 30”. Epic Games announces that the donation will include all in-game microtransactions, including purchases of V-Bucks, Battle Pass and all cosmetic packages sold for real money. The packages and skins purchased with the game currency (the V-Bucks, in fact) are therefore an exception. Fortnite Crew memberships are also included in the project.

Similar initiatives have come from many companies and software houses operating in the videogame world. Ubisoft, for example, has advanced payments for its employees in Ukraine. Doom co-creator John Romero has even created a brand new Doom 2 level to raise money for charities working on the Ukrainian front. Additionally, the Humble’s Stand With Ukraine bundle has raised over $ 6 million, and is still available until March 25. The bundle contains games such as Satisfactory, Back 4 Blood, Metro Exodus, and Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.

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