Xbox and Stranger Things, a crossover (or a game) on the way?

Xbox e Stranger Things, in arrivo un crossover (o un gioco)? thumbnail

Xbox tweeted a teaser that suggests a new crossover (or maybe a game) with Stranger Things. The show that’s about to debut on Netflix got us used to crossover in the videogame world. In fact he appeared in SMITE, Far Cry 6, Dead by Dealight e persino FortnitAnd. And soon it looks like the Demogorgon is coming to a new Xbox game as well. But there is also the possibility that Stranger Things have un play all ono, exclusively for Xbox.

Xbox hints at a new crossover with Stranger Things

Il May 27, 2022 Stranger Things returns, with the first seven episodes of the fourth season, which will end with the last two on July 1st. The highly anticipated show promises to bring us the Upside Down once again. But it seems that even Xbox isn’t afraid to transport us to a terrifying dimension.

Indeed Xbox has posted on your Twitter account a small video with the phrase “All gorgon, no demo”. A videogame word game on Demogorgone, terrible opponent of Hawkins’ children. Which looks like it could arrive on Xbox with a new crossover.

Stranger Things 4 trailer

It is difficult at the moment to understand what the agreement reached between Netflix e la gaming company di Microsoft. A crossover seems to be the most accepted hypothesis online. But there is also the possibility of seeing a direct collaboration for a game from bring exclusively to the Xbox.

Netflix in fact last year removed the licenses to the games mentioned earlier in this article. Could it be that it’s for a sensational announcement? This teaser could turn into a next Xbox showcase scheduled for June 12th.

Fan expectations are skyrocketing, but it’s still hard to figure out what’s going to happen. Are you hoping for an Xbox exclusive Stranger Things game? Or would you settle for seeing the protagonists (or monsters) in some game that has already been released? Let us know in the comments.

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