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Xbox announces major updates to Minecraft, including archeology functionality

Xbox announces important news related to this year’s upcoming 1.20 updates for the video game Minecraft: The new features, announced on in recent days, will be released in snapshot mode for Minecraft Java and in a preview of Minecraft Bedrock, tomorrow. The feature revealed on February 14th will arrive first in the form of a snapshot for Java on February 15th and later in a preview of Minecraft Bedrock.

New updates for Minecraft

Here are the main news related to the updates of the Minecraft video game announced by Xbox.

Minecraft Updates: The “Archaeology” Feature

The wait “archaeology” functionality, originally announced during Minecraft Live 2020 and then postponed, it officially arrives with Minecraft update 1.20 and includes several features that, together, will add a sense of mystery to players’ survival worlds. Thanks to the new feature players will find a new type of sand, “suspicious sand”, near the desert temples. Using the recently introduced brush, players will be able to brush away sand blocks to discover hidden tools such as bones, sniffers and pottery shards. The new pottery fragments contain partial patterns and four fragments that can be put together to create a patterned vase that tells a unique story.

Snifferesti eggs

Minecraft live mob 2022 winner enters the Overworld! Sniffer Eggs can be found in the new archaeological sites, near the desert temples. Players can hatch the newly discovered egg and it will grow into a huge sniffer. The new mob is able to seek out ancient seeds from when they once roamed the world, which will later become decorative plants.

The new Cherry Blossom biomes

For Valentine’s Day Minecraft wants to color the world in a vibrant pink shade and for this it presents the new Cherry Blossom biomes (Out of Cherry). Cherry Blossom biomes can be broken down and turned into wooden kits, such as new hanging signs and more cherry saplings.

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