Xbox Game Pass: Here are all the games arriving and departing in July 2023

Xbox Game Pass: ecco tutti i giochi in arrivo e in partenza a luglio 2023 thumbnail

Summer also comes on Xbox Game Passwhose catalog expands with new free games july 2023. But, as always, new titles mean more will be saying goodbye later in the month. So, punctual as always, here is our summary article of the main news of July regarding Game Pass.

As always, we remind you that Microsoft usually staggers the Game Pass releases in two. We can therefore expect another wave of stocks from the middle of the month.

Games coming to Game Pass in the first half of July 2023

  • Arcade Paradise – Available from July 3 for consoles and PC
  • Sword and Fairy 7 – Available from July 5th for consoles and PC
  • Exoprimal – Available from July 14 (from day one) for consoles and PC
  • Techtonics – Available from July 18 (from day one) for consoles, PC
  • The Wandering Village – Available July 20 for consoles, PC
  • Venba – Available from July 31 (from day one) for consoles and PC

The month opens with Arcade Paradisewhich will give us back the atmosphere of the iconic arcades of the 80s and 90s, before continuing with Sword and Fairy 7an action fantasy steeped in Chinese culture.

The title that makes the most noise, however, is definitely Exoprimal, of which we had a taste during the Capcom Spotlight last March. The game, which mixes futuristic armor and prehistoric dinosaurs will be available from day one. They also enter the catalog directly upon release Venba (a cooking game with a strong narrative component) e Techtonics (a first-person factory automation game set in an alien world, which combines management mechanics with strategy).

Games leaving the Game Pass catalog in July

These are the games that will leave the catalog by the end of July:

  • Match Point: Tennis Championships
  • DJMAX Respect V
  • Empire of Sin
  • Was
  • Kill
  • Road 96

We remind you that if you want to buy the games that will be removed, you have the possibility to benefit from the 20% discount on all titles in the Game Pass catalog and 10% on add-ons. The offer is obviously confidential only to subscribers of the service and only covers games currently in the catalog. So if you haven’t finished one of the games yet, take advantage of it by June 15th, to finish them or buy them at a discount.

July 2023 is the month of the Xbox Game Pass price increase

Starting July 6, in Italy, the monthly price of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (which includes Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass for PC and Console), will go up from the current 12.99 euros to 14.99 euros. The monthly price of Xbox Game Pass for consoles, on the other hand, will go from 9.99 euros to 10.99 euros. PC Game Pass will remain unchanged at 9.99 euros per month.

However, there is good news, or at least one detail that sweetens the pill: the price increase will only affect new subscribers. Old users will be able to continue recharging their subscription at standard prices until 13 September. Starting from that date, the new price list will be the same for everyone. Our advice, therefore, is to subscribe to the quarterly or annual before 6 July.

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