Xbox inadvertently spoils the new Marvel’s Avengers character

Xbox inadvertently spoils the new Marvel's Avengers character

Small gaffe on the part of the Techniq gamer, who inadvertently spoiled something apparently secret: She-Hulk is coming to Marvel’s Avengers. During a live on the Xbox Twitch channel, Techniq and Brian Wagonerlead designer of Marvel’s Avengers, were discussing the new character Mighty Thor, introduced in-game just this week.

Speaking with film Wagoner, Techniq said, “My acting teacher is actually the voice of She-Hulk. I won’t say her name because I don’t think it’s in the public domain yet, but I think it has been announced. ” However, with slight embarrassment, Wagoner replied: “No. We never announced She-Hulk.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter,” Techniq commented, before trying to attribute his statement to rumors on the net.

“We are working on our next hero,” Wagoner later replied. “But we haven’t said who he will be yet. There will be a time for that. The goal right now is to celebrate the work the team has done on Jane (Foster, the Mighty Thor, ed). When the time comes to talk about who will be the next hero we will do it ”. Below is a video of the awkward exchange of words:

More clues that She-Hulk is coming to Marvel’s Avengers

Last year Millera Twitter user who guessed several predictions about the gaming world, had posted a post claiming that Krizia Basses she would be the voice of She-Hulk in Marvel’s Avengers. Bajos had retweeted the post with a green heart. This last tweet, however, was immediately deleted by the voice actress, who probably realized that the news should have remained a secret.

Meanwhile, as pointed out in the introduction, the game has welcomed Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor, bringing the number of playable characters to 10.

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