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Xbox introduces a new Strike and Bad system with tiered penalties

Xbox presents a new system of Strike e Ban, based on multiple levels of penalty (strike). It aims to ensure a safer, more inclusive and welcoming gaming environment for all.

Xbox’s tiered penalty strike system – that’s what it’s all about

The strike is a warning to the player who is making violations and is kept on file for six months. The Xbox procedure provides that strikes are awarded based on the severity of the actions. For example, a player who has received two strikes will be suspended from the platform for one day.

While a player who has received four strikes will be suspended for seven days. The player who receives eight will be suspended from Xbox social features such as messaging, group discussions and chat, multiplayer and other features for a year.


The Strike system against bullying

This initiative confirms Xbox’s commitment to the continued implementation of security measures to protect playerswith the aim of creating a safe place where you can play and interact in a respectful and free way, without the risk of being harassed or bullied.

Therefore, if a player believes they have witnessed a violation of the Xbox Community Standards, please mark it. The Xbox security team will review all reports to determine whether or not a violation has occurred and will award you a strike as a result.

How does it work

Each player will have a different reading regarding the application of various procedures, including strikes and the overall impact these have on his playing record. This implementation allows players to better understand the severity of the strikes and possibly the ban that will be imposed if they accumulate. Data and updates regarding security measures will be shared via the bi-annual Transparency Report.

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