Xbox, Microsoft blocks unauthorized controllers and accessories

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Microsoft announced that he wanted to start blocking everyone controllers and accessories of other companies that do not have the official brand Xbox.

Microsoft blocks controllers that aren’t compatible with Xbox

The company is starting to block all those controllers, accessories and devices that are not compatible with the Xbox console. This is presumably a way to promote its official products.

If you try to use a non-official Xbox controller, there is a chance that the accessory will be locked out after two weeks of use. In fact, “From the moment you connect an unauthorized accessory and receive error code 0x82d60002, you will have two weeks to use the accessory. After that, use with the console will be blocked,” he says Microsoft in a support note.

Products with the “designed for Xbox” mark are not included in this context, but only those that have not been officially authorized by Microsoft run the risk of generating this type of error. This could also prevent third-party cheat devices like XIM, Cronus Zen e ReaSnow S1 to run on an Xbox console.

Maximilian Dood’s words regarding the issue

However, this could have a negative impact on fighting game community. “This is essentially a death sentence for local fighting game events that run on Xbox, much less, others who can only afford an arcade stick,” he says Maximilian Death, the largest fighting game channel on YouTube. “Brook Gaming converters are not cheat devices. They are a huge asset to the fighting game community. Please reconsider!”

I controller wireless Xbox

Regarding the use of controller wirelessmost third-party console controllers are wired, as Microsoft typically does not license its Xbox Wireless protocol to other vendors.

PowerA launched the first officially licensed third-party wireless controller for Xbox consoles earlier this year, and Windows Central speculates that Microsoft’s latest ban could be related to the fact that the company is working to expand approval for third-party wireless Xbox controllers.

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