Xbox: Microsoft consoles become compatible with the Edge browser

Xbox: le console Microsoft diventano compatibili con il browser Edge thumbnail

Microsoft has added a new dashboard for consoles Xbox One e Xbox Series S/X, which introduces several really cool new features. Among the most noteworthy ones we find a version of the browser Edge basato su Chromium and function Play Later Discovery which together ensure greater compatibility and the ability to access Google Stadia it’s at Discord via Xbox.

Xbox: Stadia-compatible Edge browser arrives

The Xbox version of Edge is very similar if not identical to the one we’ve already seen for Windows and Mac, with vertical tabs and collections. The console browser also retains most of its functions, like the ability to sync all settings, favorites, tabs and web history. Instead, support for extensions and developer mode is missing.

As if that weren’t enough, the Xbox version of the browser also retains mouse and keyboard support, which allows you to use programs from the Office suite and access the Google Stadia library, if we prefer these two input devices instead of the classic controller.

The same argument can be applied to Discord, in which it takes on an even greater value, given that in this case there is no app dedicated to the dedicated messaging platform for Xbox. Going more specifically, it is possible to access voice calls via an Xbox and participate in text chats, but inexplicably, microphone support remains absent.

Finally, we also have support for the Later Play Discovery function, which allows you to store your favorite games from the catalog in a dedicated list Xbox Game Pass, so you can start them in the blink of an eye without wasting time looking for them.

A very high number of new features, therefore, which further improve the usability of Microsoft’s home consoles.