Xbox presents first Transparency Report with community safety measures

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Xbox recently released the first Transparency Report with the security measures of the community. The company recognizes the power of gaming and is committed to making it more fun by creating positive gaming experiences that are safe, inclusive and accessible to all players. However he is also aware that security is one concern common to many people which, as the holidays approach, they will pass more time to play.

The transparency report with the Xbox community safety measures

In an attempt to alleviate some of these concerns, Xbox has released its first Digital Transparency Report. The report covers a number of actions taken for the content moderationthe player protection on the platform and the fostering a positive environment.

Among the main results we find:

  • Xbox is working to deliver better experiences.
    • The Xbox team has taken over 4.33 million of proactive provisions against inauthentic accounts. Inauthentic accounts are usually automated accounts o create da bot which can compromise the positive experience of the players. This proactive moderation, increased by 9 times compared to the same period a year earlier, it allows Xbox to identify negative content and behavior before it reaches players.
  • Players are the guardians of the community.
    • Player reports are one fundamental component of the Xbox security approach. In addition to the increase in proactive security measuresto investments in scanning and filtering technologies and to the formation of Xbox Ambassador communityReports help Xbox improve the work it does to better protect players. Xbox gamers have provided beyond 33 million reports in this period.
  • The players are in control.
    • Every player is different and preferences about content and experiences are not the same for everyone. Xbox offers gamers many ways to customize their settingsdai message filters ai parental control, at any point in their Xbox experience. These settings allow gamers to manage the type of content they see and experience in all the ways they play, whether on PC, console or anywhere with Xbox Cloud Gaming. It is up to the players, friends and family to take control and implement the settings that work best for them.

For more information on the report, see the official site.