Xbox Series X | S: record results for Microsoft consoles

Xbox Series X

Limited supplies don’t stop the Xbox Series X | S consoles’ record-breaking results. The new generation of Microsoft consoles, in fact, closes the first half of 2021 reaching the title of Xbox consoles sold faster than ever surpassing the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. Note that Microsoft, for now, has not disclosed the exact sales figures of its new generation of consoles.

Xbox Series X | S: record sales for the Xbox range

Despite the problems related to the chip crisis and limited stocks and the strong competition from the Playstation 5, the Xbox Series X | S are showing excellent sales. The Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, confirmed that the Xbox Series X | S are the fastest-selling Xbox consoles ever, surpassing the data collected by previous generations.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, the new consoles would have sold altogether 6.5 million units since launch happened last fall. In the same period of time, the Xbox One stopped at 5.7 million units sold for the Xbox 360 reached approx 5 million units. The numbers (although not official) confirm the success of the new generation of Xbox consoles.

Confirmation of official data

The data of the latest Microsoft quarterly confirm the excellent results recorded by the Xbox consoles. The sales of the Xbox hardware division they show a growth of +172%. At the same time, however, there is a decline of -4% in the turnover of the Xbox services and content division.