Xbox Series Y could be Microsoft’s new portable console

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Rumors have been circulating for some time that Microsoft would be thinking of creating one portable console for the Cloud Gaming. The company has not yet confirmed or announced anything but according to some insiders, the console will be reality. Let’s find out all the details together. Remember the information shown have not been confirmed.

Xbox Y Series: Microsoft’s new portable console for the Cloud?

Jez Cordena Windows Central reporter, shared a statement during a live broadcast of the podcast “Lord Podcast”. On this occasion, Jeez Corden said there is a chance to see Xbox land in the portable console markettaking advantage of what is one of the flagships of Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Jez Corden claims to speak only for hypothesis, and that’s what we recommend you do. Microsoft has not yet announced or confirmed this information; for this we advise you to take them with pliers awaiting an official press release from the company.

However, the tone used by the reporter Corden appears to be serious.

The name it uses to refer to this new device is Xbox Series Yor at least according to the reporter, the device could debut with a similar name.

Obviously we would like to remind you that Microsoft has not yet provided any information. However the fact that Game Pass e Cloud are also exploited by mobile devices, does not rule out the possibility that Xbox can produce one portable console optimized to run its games and services, exactly as it happened with Steam Deck.

At the moment, therefore, we just have to wait further announcements and information from Microsoft bearing in mind that, according to other rumors, Sony could also get back on track with a new model of portable PlayStation.

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