Vice Society behind the Fatebenefratelli Sacco hacker attack in Milan

Attacco hacker filorusso al sito della Polizia di Stato thumbnail

Vice Society is the ransomware behind the hacker attack last May 2nd atFatebenefratelli Sacco Territorial Healthcare Company of Milan compromised some data, which ended up online. Almost two months later, to claim the attacks on hospitals Sacco, Fatebene, Buzzi and Macedonio Melloni iThe Vice Society Cybercriminal Group.

Vice Society behind the hacker at the Fatebenefratelli Sacco in Milan

On May 2, another attack on a health facility, which put patient data at risk. To perpetrate this attack the hackers of the Vice Society group. Or which have used the ransomware of the same name to attack the computer systems of hospitals.

This malicious software is able to encrypt all documents it comes into contact with, making it impossible for users and the IT system of the healthcare company to access. Beyond block the ASSTthe group of cybercriminals had posted an archive with the data online.

Sensitive documents relating to employees, fiscal documents and internal circulars, as well as personal data of patients, are published online in the archive. Many folders that are rimaste involved in this data breach.

Hospital patient admissions and management systems remained tilted for a long time, with healthcare personnel having to return to pen and paper to keep track of patientstreatments and medicines administered.

The claim by the Vice Society group allows you to give a name to the culprit of this act, who has long since returned. It also allows healthcare companies to understand who the cyber attackers are. To take measures accordingly. In the hope of not having to go back to talking about cyberattacks in the health sector.

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