XGIMI presents Dual Light technology: LED and Laser in a single projector

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THE LIGHTa leading company in the projector sector, presents XGIMI Dual Lightthe new technology which marks a real turning point in the development of the optical machine for projectors and which combines in a single solution the LED and Laser light sources working with 6 wavelengths based on 278 patented technologies.

XGIMI Dual Light: the technological revolution we’ve been waiting for

In the past i projectors they were based only on LEDs or only on lasers as a light source, however to the detriment of some functions and the overall user experience. In fact, on the one hand the LED light source offers acomfortable viewing experience to the eyes and high color fidelity, but not remarkable brightness. On the other hand, the laser source guarantees high brightness and chromatic fidelity, but the narrow wavelength band makes the visual experience less comfortable for the eyes.

By combining the two systems into one, XGIMI has been able to make the most of the strengths of each light source, obtaining a natural spectrum, very high brightness and a wide range of colors with very high color accuracy.

“With the innovative enhancement of Dual Light Technology, we believe that brightness will no longer be an issue for consumer projectors. However, we at XGIMI argue that this is not enough, but color accuracy is also needed” he says Steven Xiao, CEO di XGIMI.

More accurate colors and a wide color gamut with XGIMI Dual Light

XGIMI Dual Light technology allows you to achieve color accuracy that is unmatched in the industry. Indeed, the average value of Delta E – the unit that measures how much a displayed color can differ from its input color – which is obtained with Dual Light is of circa 1comparable to that of professional color monitors.

In general, the lower the Delta E, the more accurate the colors are elevated. For comparison, most flat screen TVs provide a Delta E value of between 2-3, while the average color standard for projectors is between 7 and 8. Also, what is special about the new optical machine is that this Delta E value is actually delivered to the end user, even without the laboratory conditions.

In fact, this color accuracy technology from XGIMI is the first to pass SGS’s double high color standard certifications from the Swiss and TÜV Rheinland from Germany. Furthermore, the color gamut covers 95.5% of the DCI-P3 color space and 99.9% of the BT709 color space.

For unprecedented brightness

XGIMI Dual Light technology offers great visual comfort for the eyes, high brightness and more colors accurate, solving the common problems of projectors that are neither bright enough nor true to color. Expressed in figures, this means guaranteeing a brightness of 2300 ISO lumens.

A comfortable viewing experience

Unlike tri-color lasers, which produce an image that is often perceived as cold and grainy, the continuous spectrum of XGIMI Dual Light technology is very similar to the natural spectrumwhich makes viewing comfortable and addresses color fringing that causes text and graphics to appear glaring and blurry.

XGIMI Dual Light technology represents XGIMI’s most important development to date and takes the entire projector industry a big step forward. The technology is already being used in the first products available on the Chinese market and will soon be launched on the Chinese market as well European market.