Xiaomi 13 Ultra, the new smartphone with a killer camera

Xiaomi 13 Ultra, il nuovo smartphone con fotocamera da urlo thumbnail

Xiaomi unveiled its new flagship smartphone today – Xiaomi 13 Ultra. Fruit of the partnership with Leica to take the art of mobile photography to the next level. An uncompromising “camera-phone”, waiting to be discovered.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra, smartphone with a killer Leica camera

The newly announced device boasts an a four cameras with Leica optics offering a range of focal lengths from 12mm to 120mmplus one in-sensor zoom that reaches 240 mm.

The main camera is distinguished by the its 1-inch sensor and its variable aperture from ƒ/1.9 to ƒ/4.0, which allows you to adapt to different light conditions and depth of field. Xiaomi 13 Ultra also offers a fast shot mode which uses the “hyperfocal distance” technique to take sharp photos without the need to focus, in less than a second.

Xiaomi 13 Ultra has improved the process of RAW processing and has moved more algorithms to the RAW domain to increase the dynamic range, detail and texture of images, thus achieving much higher image quality. The main camera records in 50MP RAW format, ensuring superior imaging resolution. And providing at the same time UltraRAW multi-frame a 14 bitwhich pulls data directly from the processing pipeline, resulting in better resolution and wider dynamic range.

To complete the picture there is a display WQHD+ high quality with exceptional color fidelity. It measures 6.73″ and has a professional quality with exceptional color accuracy and a maximum brightness up to 2600 nits. This screen is also calibrated according to new CIE 2015 colorimetry. There is also Dolby Vision support

Xiaomi processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which guarantees top-of-the-range performance. Also, the smartphone supports a RAM up to 16GB LPDDR5x and a UFS4.0 memory up to 1TB, as well as FBO (File Based Optimization). Xiaomi 13 Ultra also features a U interfaceSB 3.2 Gen 1 and a DisplayPort video output up to 4K 60Hz.

Thanks to technology Loop LiquidCool developed by Xiaomi, the first level toroidal cooling system. And don’t miss the battery from 5.000 mAh with chip dedicated to charging.

At the moment the device only arrives in China, but Xiaomi has confirmed that we will also see it in Italy in the coming months. We will keep you informed.