Xiaomi air fryer review: discovering air frying

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Xiaomi got us used to a particularly wide extension of its tech arm. Although it is in fact known mainly for the smartphone that produces, the Chinese company has distinguished itself for a 360 ° market expansion. From hairdryers, to home robots, from projectors to treadmills and for a few months, Xiaomi also presented an interesting air fryer. In a very short time the sector press and consumers have shown great interest and we have not missed the opportunity to try it and we are ready for the Xiaomi air fryer review, to find out more about the fascinating world of Air fryers.

Our review of Xiaomi’s air fryer

The Xiaomi air fryer is the ideal ally in the kitchen when there is little time to cook but don’t want to fall into the convenient but unhealthy fast-food kitchen. The term “air fryer”, however, still fails to convince most consumers including, we must admit, us. So let’s go to the discovery of this world without oil.


The deep fryer shows up with one stile minimalista all-white typical of Xiaomi home devices. It consists of two main elements, a central body of about ‎37.4 x 34.6 x 29.6 cm and a removable basket 3.5L where the food is inserted. In the main facade of the device there is a practical touch screen OLED rotondo and of great design where it is possible to monitor the temperature, the time, change the menu language and connect the device to the internet.

The removable compartment in turn, it consists of a removable internal grill, to eliminate any food residue, and a classic mobile grill to create a second level and optimize the cooking space. The surface of the basket is non-stick PTE and wear-resistant and extremely easy to clean even in the dishwasher.

Functions and power

This Xiaomi air fryer boasts a heating power of 1,400W which allows a rapid rise in temperature and uniform heat distribution with a 360 ° air circulation. This power translates into the possibility of reaching from 40 ° to 200 ° in a few minutes, ideal for cooking and preparing a wide range of foods and recipes. In addition to normal cooking, thanks to a double speed fan system, the Xiaomi air fryer is also able to defrost food and dry fruit and ferment vegetables.

Let’s not forget also that the Xiaomi deep fryer is a Smart device. To help us in our experiments in the kitchen, in fact, the fryer can connect to the home wi-fi network via smartphone and join the Xiaomi ecosystem thanks to theApp Xiaomi Home. From here it is possible to activate the device with pre-set basic options that concern generic and more popular foods such as french fries, chicken wings, fish and so on. Inside the app, however, there is a much more complete and developed recipe book that has over 100 recipes, from desserts, to fried foods to more sophisticated foods.

Our test of the Xiaomi air fryer

We tested Xiaomi’s air fryer for about 3 weeks during which we exploited its fascinating potential to cook many types of dishes. Without a doubt the first thing we liked about this device is it style, white, minimalist and elegant which fits perfectly into the style of any kitchen, aided by its small size. The OLED display, in addition to being beautiful to look at, also proved to be extremely practical and useful. After connecting the fryer to the internet (it is not essential to do so), we had all the useful functions within reach of our smartphone to get the best out of our fryer.

For this review we have started cooking the most classic foods such as french fries, frozen or not, biscuits, dried fruit, churros and much more. In all cases, cooking proved to be perfect and uniform. The particular structure of the fryer allows one complete diffusion of hot air that leaves no point uncovered. The result is an excellent cooking that makes the foods that are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside without drying them out. The use ofoil it is not provided but it is possible to use it in very little quantity just to wet the food before putting it in the fryer. The final effect is similar to a classic fry but minimally comparable to it.

Despite the name, in fact, the air fryer is halfway between a traditional oven and a real fryer. The difference lies in the simplicity of use, in the aforementioned absence (or in any case less use) of oil and in the speed of execution. The cooking of the air fryer is also much healthier and lighter compared to the classic frying that leaves behind all those health problems we know. Also, and this is a point particularly in favor of air frying, Xiaomi’s device does not let any kind of smell leak outbe it fish, meat or vegetables.

Our Xiaomi air fryer review in brief

Ultimately, the Xiaomi air fryer does not replace the traditional oil frying on the pan but is halfway between a healthy and balanced diet and the taste and crunchiness of the less healthy variant. The device is presented in an exceptional way and if studied properly with all the recipes supplied with the app, it will be able to give great satisfaction to the most curious cooks.

If this is your first approach with a deep fryer, the initial results may not be as satisfying, but with a little practice and Xiaomi’s recipe book, you can get the perfect cooking too. The cookbook, in fact, not only indicates the ingredients to use but also how to prepare them and put them in the fryer. The latter, being connected to the internet, will know at what temperature to cook, for how long and when it is necessary to turn the dishes inside. A real help in the house.

Prices and availability

The Xiaomi air fryer is now available at the recommended price of € 99.99.

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