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Xiaomi Biennale Venezia: official sponsor for art

Xiaomi is Sponsor of the Italian Pavilion at the 59th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. Let’s find out the whole event together

Following Press conference held in Roma at Ministry of Culturein the presence of the Minister Dario Franceschiniby the President of La Biennale di Venezia Roberto Cicuttoof the Director General of Contemporary Creativity of the Ministry of Culture, as well as Commissioner of the Italian Pavilion Onofrio Cutaiaby the Curator Eugene Violeta and the Artist Gian Maria TosattiXiaomi, world leader in technology, reconfirm one’s I commit in promotion of the arts and of culture becoming Sponsor of the Italian Pavilion at the 59ª International Art Exhibition – The Venice Biennale (April 23 – November 27 2022).

History of the Night and Destiny of Comets and the title the project exhibition of the artist Gian Maria Tosattiedited by Eugene Violeta e promoted by the Directorate General for Contemporary Creativity of Ministry of Culturethat will come to life in the spaces of the Tese delle Vergini at the Arsenale is that Xiaomi has strongly chose to support.

Xiaomi Biennale Venezia: the company’s words

The support al Italy Pavilion 2022 therefore reflects the brand sensitivitythat places al center of its mission la creativity and the need to make theagency a place capable of generate culture e innovation.

“Being Sponsor of the Italian Pavilion at the Biennale Arte 2022 confirms the desire to support contemporary art through innovative technologies and a multifocal vision of the languages ​​of contemporaneity. Since the first interaction with Viola we have believed in the strength of the project, decidedly visionary, and in the numerous points of contact between his curatorial research, the artistic one of Gian Maria Tosatti and the avant-garde of Xiaomi; therefore, with great conviction we have chosen to embrace the idea and offer our contribution for its realization. “

– he claims Davide Lunardelli, Head of Marketing Of Xiaomi Italia.

Nell’scope of this cooperation, Xiaomi does not only play the role Of cultural promoter, but points to amplify the exhibition project through a path Of online and offline communication that foresees, among the many activities, also the production Of video content e photographic reportage that they will put in light i values that bind the brand al Italy Pavilion. Furthermore, the company will equip the insiders Of latest generation devices “Xiaomi Smart Life” per favor a’experience improve to all visitors.

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