Xiaomi Fan Festival: here are the best offers!

Xiaomi Fan Festival: a special device for an equally special occasion

To celebrate the 2024 edition of Xiaomi Fan Festival, Xiaomi presents Xiaomi Fan Festival Special Edition with protagonist Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G, flagship device of Redmi Note 13 Series. This exclusive smartphone stands out with its Mystic Silver back finish, adorned with the Xiaomi Fan Festival logo. Created through a sophisticated design process, the rear shell consists of a silver film base, covered in glass. On it, the device features a super logo meticulously crafted using the nanolithography technique. The result is an effect of plays of reflections that make the logo come alive with a hypnotic play of light and shadow.

Enclosed in an exclusive box with silver logo and reliefs, Xiaomi Fan Festival Special Edition is accompanied by an exclusive wallpaper that integrates with the metallic back of the device, as well as a series of Xiaomi Fan Festival themed stickers, which allow users to create your own custom logo. This collection not only celebrates Xiaomi's technological prowess, but also offers its fans a tangible way to connect with the brand, making the special edition Redmi Note 13 Pro+ 5G a cherished memory of the Xiaomi Fan Festival.

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