Xiaomi patents a smartphone with a foldable and detachable display

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Xiaomi patents a smartphone with foldable and detachable display, with a design that promises to be revolutionary. The foldable screen covers the main body when closed and continues to function when separated thanks to the wireless connection.

Xiaomi patents a smartphone with a foldable and detachable display

The company has patented a new smartphone model in China, which shows truly new features. In fact the design includes a main body and a foldable and removable screen. These two elements can separate and function even when detached. While they work as a single device by wrapping the screen around the main body of the smartphone.

An interesting peculiarity is that the display can also be used separated from the main body. In fact it uses the wireless connectivity to continue viewing content. This implies that the screen is capable of enough computing power to receive and transmit data. And that it has an autonomous battery from the main body.

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There are no other details at the moment: Xiaomi has patented the concept but has not published the details of how the device works. Furthermore, it should be noted that brands like Xiaomi do not always produce the patents they deposit. L‘company may have simply begun the development phase, only to assess that the device would have no market and block it before production.

But this patent testifies once again how Xiaomi also evaluates particular designs in developing its smartphones of the future. Could the phones of tomorrow have a similar design? If there is any news on the device, we will notify you: it looks very interesting.

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