Xiaomi presents CyberOne, its robot with a passion for flowers

Xiaomi presenta CyberOne, il suo robot con la passione dei fiori thumbnail

Xiaomi unveiled its first prototype of a humanoid robot (and flower lover): the new CyberOne. a device 1.77 meters tall and weighing 52 kilos. It also has a nickname (“Metal Bro“) And a zodiac sign (Leo). In short, a real robot that went up on stage for the presentation and then left, without problems.

Xiaomi presents its humanoid robot: CyberOne

Xiaomi beat Tesla on time. If the robot recently presented by Elon Musk was just a non-working ‘concept’, the Chinese company was able to put a real robot on its own on the stage for the presentation. The Metal Bro has reached the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun on stage and gave him a flower. Then he took a selfie with the executive who approved his creation and walked off the stage without incident.

CyberOne is the second product of Xiaomi Robotics Labwhich he announced last year, again in August CyberDog. But this time it is a human being, rather than a four-legged animal.

CyberOne’s face is made up of a OLED foldable panel, which allows you to see the world in 3D. And with two microphones that act as ears to identify up to 85 kinds of ambient sounds and recognize up to 45 types of human emotions.

A human body (or almost)

The body of the Xiaomi robot (which recalls the colors that presented by Tesla), has the possibility to move in 21 directions, thanks to 13 joints that allow a truly impressive freedom of movement. The speed of 0.5 meters per second in the movements allows you to perform various operations at a good pace.

The strength of his ‘arms’ comes to 30 Nmbut it can operate with the delicacy of 1 Nm. The ‘legs’ are even stronger and can touch tips of 300 Nm. We don’t touch the agility tips of some of the prototypes Boston Dynamicsbut for a potentially commercial product we are talking about really excellent results.

xiaomi cyberone robot like and min

Robots cost …

The live demonstration certainly impressed the audience. But for the moment, the production of one of these robots costs too much for Xiaomi to reach the market. Indeed the prototypes costs between 600 thousand and 700 thousand yuan (between 90 and 100 thousand dollars approximately).

But Xiaomi will continue to work on these products in order to be able to launch a humanoid robot on the market as soon as possible. “With AI at its core and its full-scale humanoid structure as a vehicle, this is an exploration of the possibilities of technological future of the Xiaom ecosystemie a new turning point for the company ”explains Lei Jun. At this address you can learn more about CyberOne.

The question that remains, however, is: how soon will we be able to walk down the street alongside a robot? That day hasn’t come yet. But it definitely looks closer.