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Xiaomi presents the “Digital Senses” exhibition

For the official launch in Italy of Xiaomi 11T Pro, Xiaomi presented the exhibition Digital Senses. It is the fruit of the project Xiaomi HyperCharge RestART. The project, launched by the company, aims to promote culture as a natural energizer that can quickly charge mind and spirit. Below we present all the details and some shots.

The Sensi Digitali exhibition with Xiaomi 11T Pro

To celebrate the arrival of the smartphone in Italy, Xiaomi has started an articulated path. The Chinese company has created a crew made up of 7 students of the NABA Department of Visual Arts. The students were selected by Ilaria Bonacossa, la Course Advisor Leader del Master Accademico in Contemporary Art Markets.

The group of students was invited to recharge through a calendar of masterclasses held by leading Italian exponents in the fields of cinema, design and fashion. They later had to produce creative videographic content which then came to life in an exhibition dedicated to digital art on the occasion of Artissima.

Xiaomi’s Digital Senses exhibition highlights innovation in image creation. The tool that made it possible to achieve all this is the Xiaomi 11T Pro, which takes on the role of sensory interface. The seven artists of the new generation are Emanuele Cantò, Gaia de Megni Barbieri, Wei Luo, Alex Parrotto, Federico Pellacani, Chiara Smedile and Marika Vitran.

The artists used Xiaomi’s new smartphone to create a world of dreams in which reality and illusion merge. With this project, they have explored the possibilities beyond the boundaries of the self and the physical senses.

The project divided into three topics

The path that led to the Sensi Digitali exhibition. Xiaomi HyperCharge RestART saw the realization of three masterclasses carried out in the moments of restart of the visual arts in Italy. Among them we find the 78th Venice Biennale Film Art Exhibition, Milan Design Week and Milan Fashion Week.

Xiaomi’s project, whose sequence passes from abstract and surreal dreams to realistic environments, and eventually returns to the self, is the final expression of this restart path. The artist Wei Luo, who also participates as curator, articulated the project in three sections.

  • Sense of the dream in which synaesthesia is – in the digital world – the state of perception with a neural basis that indicates that a sensory stimulus or a cognitive path spontaneously and involuntarily arouses another perception or awareness.
  • Sense of memory, in which the digital senses intervene and combine the imagination with the civilization of the real world, recording the cultural memory of the city. The digital senses in this section involve the storage of human brain memory and the filtering of memories.
  • Sense of self, the section that brings the perspective back to itself. It explores the possibility of self-awareness and the perception of identity. It implies that the deepest stage of awareness of the human brain is the exploration of the self.

The entire Sensi Digitali exhibition made entirely with smartphone Xiaomi it is visible at the company’s stand at Artistissima, from 5 to 7 November 2021.

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