Xiaomi Q2 Series: the TV with Quantum Dot Display technology

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A 360-degree cinematic experience with Xiaomi TV Q2 Series, equipped with Quantum Dot Display technology, let’s find out together in this dedicated article

The last series TV Q2, will offer viewers exceptional image quality thanks to the latest technology Quantum Dot Displayavailable in 3 different sizes. These high-end TVs with resolution 4K Ultra-HD, are designed to enhance any visual experience with color vivid and realisticas well as smoother transitions in scenes from fast-motionfor top-notch entertainment.

With Dolby VisionTM IQ, Dolby Atmos and the ambient light sensors present on the TVXiaomi TV Q2 Series can intelligently detect the brightness of the environment and make the corresponding adjustments to the picture, while delivering stunning and seamless audio performance.

Xiaomi Q2 Series: the TV with Quantum Dot Display technology

Integrated Google TV

In this way all cinema fans will be able to live an engaging experience. Not to mention the system Google TV integratedan absolute novelty for Xiaomi TVs, which will offer viewers personalized content and endless sources of entertainment.

The new TV range doubles as a control hub of smart home with Google Assistant, allowing any person to control parts of their home with just their voice. It is also equipped with the app TV+ pre-installed, which gives viewers more content options, from live to flagship movies.

Xiaomi Q2 Series: the TV with Quantum Dot Display technology

Available in Italy in 3 different sizes

Xiaomi TV Q2 Serieswill be available in Italia in 3 different thumb trips: 50”, 55” e 65”, are mi.com, at Xiaomi Store Italia it’s yes Unieuro, from October 17: respectively at the price of € 599.9, € 699.9 and € 899.9. Until the October 27 they can be purchased at the promotional price of 549.9 euros, 649.9 euros and 799.9 euros.

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