Xiaomi: here are the 12T and 12T Pro smartphones

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Xiaomi 12T Series, an unprecedented imaging system is combined with performance and battery ready to make every moment Mega, let’s discover the new smartphones in this dedicated article

The series imaging system Xiaomi 12T, guarantees an unprecedented photographic experience on a smartphone, ideal for those looking for the perfect combination of outstanding performance and creativity in content production.

Equipped with a photographic compartment consisting of a triple camera professional level, the main one from 108MPan ultra-wide yes 8MP and a macro yes 2MP, to always be able, even in low light conditions, to offer images sharp and bright.

Con Xiaomi 12T Pro, the images become even more amazing thanks to the camera equipped with in-sensor zoom 2xwhich can take advantage of the capabilities of the large sensor from 1/1,22″ for taking very precise portraits. The high sharpness, the night photographic ability and the fast focusing are guaranteed by a system of imaging da 200MP of the highest level, supported by innovative hardware and advanced algorithms of Artificial intelligence.

Xiaomi: here are the 12T and 12T Pro smartphones

Capture the scene in great detail even in low light conditions

These features, along with a number of others optimizationsallow you to capture the scene in detail even in conditions of poor lightingor when shooting fast-moving subjects without losing the focus.

ProCut, it also allows you to obtain different compositions to improve the initial shot or offer creative alternatives to the user. With Ultra Burst you can shoot 30 photos per secondso you never miss the perfect moment.

The best way to show off 12T Pro’s new 200MP imaging system is to put it into action. The photographer Christopher Wolf e Xiaomi they went to the Ahr Valleyan important wine region of Reno where, just a year ago, a devastating flood seriously damaged this area. Moved by the community’s spirit of resistance, the company joined local residents in the reconstruction of some affected areas, as part of its social responsibility program.

With the 12T series, he asked the inhabitants of Ahr to show theirs Mega Momentsin order to show their world to people and to enjoy the beauty of the historical valley to become part of the recovery process together.

In the photographic exhibition, presented for the first time on the occasion of the event, the portrait of John Riskea fourth generation winemaker, of Christian Lindnera local hotelier still in recovery who is renovating his property, and of Marc Sticha third generation goldsmith, who continues to pursue his passion despite the devastation.

Xiaomi: here are the 12T and 12T Pro smartphones

Top battery

The Xiaomi 12T series then offers an incredible capacity of duration of the battery, as well as exceptionally fast charging: both devices boast a capacity of 5,000 mAh is a 120W HyperChargefor an autonomy of up to 13,5 ore and one charge at 100% in just 19 minutessupported by the system AdaptiveChargewhich stores users’ daily charging habits to optimize long-term battery health.

Thanks to the long-lasting battery and super charging, users can go anywhere, engage in any activity and never miss a moment, always counting on top performance.

MediaTek Dimensity 8100-Ultra

Built with the a 5 nm. The chip is fully upgraded with a structure GPU completely new, which increases performance and energy efficiency up to 30% compared to its predecessor, as well as the clock speed, cache and storage, ensuring a much smoother user experience. Whether it’s capturing amazing photos and videos, watching movies or browsing social media, the Xiaomi 12T delivers performance at the top at any time.

Xiaomi: here are the 12T and 12T Pro smartphones

Xiaomi 12T Pro

Equipped with the best processor Snapdragon, con TSMC a 4 nm, to significantly improve the performance of the CPU and GPUrespectively of 16.7% and 11% as compared to Snapdragon 8 Gen 1while reducing the energy consumption of each of them 33% and 30%.

Thanks to a heat dissipation system consisting of a larger vapor chamber than the 65% and, with a top thermal material cover of the 125% as compared to Xiaomi 11T Pro12T Pro also offers a more improved user experience and great energy efficiency without danger of overheating.

All of this is brought to life by the display CrystalRes AMOLED da 6,67″which has a resolution of 1220p and over 68 billion colorsand designed to balance sharpness, color detail and energy efficiency offering a mega experience even in the visual sector, enriched by AdaptiveSyncwhich dynamically adjusts the refresh rate based on the content displayed, e Adaptive Readingwhich reduces the amount of blue light emitted to improve eye comfort.

Finally, the 12T series is characterized by iconic elements of refined design. The frosted back, ensures a reduction of fingerprints on the back panel and a feeling of compactness when you have it in your hands. Front and back, from top to bottom, it is a high-design flagship model.

Xiaomi: here are the 12T and 12T Pro smartphones

Market availability

In Italia, it will be possible pre-order Xiaomi 12T Series, in the colors Cosmic Black, Clear Blue e Lunar Silver already today. 12T Pro will be available in the version from 12GB+256GB a 899,9 euro are mi.com, Amazon and at Xiaomi Store Italy and in the configuration from 8GB+256GB a 849,9. Version too 12T, will come in double configuration from 8GB + 128GB at the price of 599.9 euros, it’s yes 8GB+256GB a 649,9 euro.

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