Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 review, all fitness at a low price

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How much does it cost to train? Regardless of the sport you have chosen, where to spend some fundamental resources: time (which is never enough), effort (which you don’t want to manage), commitment (which is not constant). But the technology for training costs less and less: it proves it Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2, the device we wore on our wrist to write this review. A product that confirms the great value for money of Xiaomi wearables: if you are “amateur” athletes, Redmi Smart Band 2 is a very interesting product. Which costs very little.

Our Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 review

Opening the package of Xiaomi’s new Redmi Smart Band 2, we are faced with a very discreet device – especially in the black color that we tested in this review. The TPU band has a matte finish and it is very resistant, with the very intuitive closure already seen in other Xiaomi products (with the Band 7, for example). You can change it according to your tastes and choose from the various colors: however, we appreciated the total black look.

Inside the box (in addition to the documentation) you will also find the charging cable (which we anticipate: you will use little), even if the transformer is missing: you need any one presa USB-A.

Design and materials

Xiaomi didn’t want to overdo it with this smartwatch, which was born with the idea of ​​keeping the price low without sacrificing functionality. But we have to admit that we like the design of the case. It is slightly wider than the “cousin” Xiaomi Band, one of its rivals in the entry level price range. Measure 42,81 mm × 25,42 mm × 9,99 mmwith the glass folding over the edges of the rectangular case.

On the back we find the sensors, which in contact with the skin will read the values ​​related to our health. And also i two magnetic pins for charging: to activate the device for the first time and connect it to the smartphone, you will need to connect the device.

The usual weight 14.9 grams feels really light when wornAnd. We usually return the smartwatch when we sit down at the desk to write, but the weight and small size of Redmi Smart Band 2 allowed us to keep it on our wrist without any problems. When you walk or play sports you won’t even notice you’re wearing it.

The build quality is also good: there are no crunches even with a little force. And even after several days of use we don’t notice any signs of any kind, although we haven’t paid much attention.

Redmi Smart Band 2 review: the display

recensione Redmi Smart Band 2

The screen from 1.47 inches has a glass cover t2.5D curved emperate, which bends slightly at the edges. But it becomes more of an aesthetic question: Xiaomi has left quite visible dark edges on the display, which has a resolution of 172 x 320 pixel, 247 PPI.

The screen has a anti-fingerprint treatment, even if with the screen off some are still visible. But you will be able to see the images well even after touching it with damp fingers after a workout. Not a great display :lThe color rendition is not very lively and the TFT display doesn’t offer deep blacks and excellent contrast. Compared to other recently seen smartwatches (even from the same manufacturer), it is noted that it is not a top of the range: it is not as “beautiful”. But it’s functional: the screen is large enough to navigate the various settings and read notifications with ease.

The maximum brightness of 450 nits of Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 is perhaps the only thing that gave us problems during our review. Under the sun, reading notifications is not comfortable. But while running, keeping the wrist angled naturally for movement, we had no problems. Therefore, it does not seem like an insurmountable limit – especially considering the price.

Features for health and sport

sport xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2

The Smart Band 2 gives you the ability to monitor up to 30 different sports activities, numbers already seen in other devices of this type. In some cases, however, it is only a question of measuring the tempo and the variation of the heart rate (again, something we are used to). Others, however, offer additional data by taking advantage of the rather large screen.

We found it convenient to take into account heart rates and timings during workouts in the gym. Also, since it can rexist underwater below 50 meters (5 atmospheres)you can take full advantage of it even in the pool.

We also liked the ride tracking (with GPS), also thanks to the wide screen that lets show some more information. Not all smart bands in this range have space to show the pace per kilometer, something essential even for amateurs like us. However, the fact that there are no dedicated keys it is a bit inconvenient: you have to change the page and hold down the stop button to block the workout.

The analysis of the heartbeat, stress, blood oxygenation there are always in line with the values ​​detected by other smartwatches. Good too sleep analysis, which also highlights the distribution of the heartbeat during the night. It seems to us that Redmi Smart Band 2 does what it needs when it comes to measuring health parameters: we are satisfied after this review.

L’app Mi Fitness

app recensione Redmi Smart Band 2 min

The application Mi Fitness, which we have already experienced in the past, works very well. The connection to the smartphone is very fast (you can also use the smartphone camera to read the QR Code and speed up the process).

Sports and health statistics are collected in intuitive graphs and well done graphically. You have the ability to manage backgrounds and customizations quickly and also manage permissions transparently.

We like it possibility to select which notifications to receive intuitively. We point out that you can read and store notifications, but not respond: for that you will have to unlock your smartphone. The same goes for calls: you’ll hear them coming to your wrist, but you can’t answer them on your smartwatch.

Autonomy and recharge

The 210mAh battery of Redmi Smart Band 2 lasts so long that we had to work hard to get it downloaded at least once during the period we had for the review. In fact, Xiaomi estimates timings from 14 days: Two full weeks with what he calls “normal” usage. In reality, even using the GPS often and testing the sports features to the maximum, you will get through more than 10 days without any difficulty. You will forget where you put the cable if you are not sorted.

Charging takes about a couple of hours from zero to one hundred, which is not very fast. But since you have to do it once every two weeks, we think it’s an acceptable compromise.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2: is it worth it?

On the Mi Store you can buy Redmi Smart Band 2 at the price of 34,99 euro. A price that is really difficult to beat: below this threshold you will practically only find products that are a few years old or of little-known brands. And with much worse performance.

Xiaomi Redmi Smart Band 2 during our review has proved to have everything it takes. It doesn’t have the best screen on the market and interaction with notifications is limited. But to do better you would have to invest more than double, probably. The sports and health features are solid though for the price (and good overall).

If you need a product without too many pretensions, which notifies you when calls and messages arrive, which follows you in amateur sport and checks that you sleep peacefully, Redmi Smart Band 2 offers maximum performance with minimum cost. Difficult to do better under 50 euros – and here we are 15 euros or more below the threshold.