Xiaomi smartphones change their name: goodbye to “Mi”

Gli smartphone Xiaomi cambiano nome: addio al "Mi" thumbnail

The presentation of the new Xiaomi Mix 4 (without the “Mi” between Xiaomi and Mix) marks a real revolution for the company’s smartphone range. Starting from the third quarter of 2021, in fact, there will be a renewal of the smartphone nomenclature and a goodbye to the Xiaomi Mi Series product series, born to distinguish Xiaomi’s devices from Redmi’s.

Xiaomi says goodbye to the Mi Series for its smartphones

The new Xiaomi Mix 4 is the first step in a program that will revolutionize the nomenclature of the Chinese company’s devices. From third quarter of 2021, indeed, Xiaomi smartphones will no longer use the “Mi” which has always characterized the products of the Xiaomi Mi line (or Mi Series).

According to Xiaomi, therefore, it is no longer necessary to distinguish between Xiaomi and Redmi. The change will unify the global presence of the brand, eliminating the different perception between the brand and its products. Other technological devices, up to IoT solutions, will also follow this change.

A revolution in the Xiaomi house

The new Xiaomi smartphones, therefore, will abandon the “Mi”. Consequently, the next top of the range will not be called Xiaomi Mi 12 but, more simply, Xiaomi 12. The same fate should befall the new ones Mi 11T and 11T Pro arriving next September. More details will arrive in the next few weeks with the arrival on the market of the company’s next smartphones.

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