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Xiaomi: the summer campaign is coming!

Rediscover your summer with the Xiaomi summer campaign and make every moment an unforgettable memory!

Xiaomi recently announced a regional campaign which captures the spirit and energy of summer, with the aim of rediscovering what made us happy, of remembering the best moments of our holidays or simply enjoying the tranquility of our home with the support of the wide range of Xiaomi products.

Xiaomi: the summer campaign is coming!

Xiaomi: the summer campaign arrives

We no longer need to go in Thailand, Peru o New Zeland to create unforgettable memories. In recent years we have learned to value and make the most of every moment, even those we had previously forgotten. We understood the importance of coming home and enjoying the company of our grandparents, of making plans in our city, of enjoying an afternoon siesta and of renting a house with friends to create new unforgettable memories. And Xiaomi wants to accompany and capture every moment to make this summer unforgettable!

“Our Summer Campaign it is much more than a simple promotion, it is an invitation to rediscover emotions through new adventures or places of the heart and to create indelible memories with our cutting-edge products” – said Jia Wei, Head of Marketing of Xiaomi Western Europe. “We take pride in being an integral part of our users’ experiences and providing them with trusted technology devices that help them capture every meaningful moment with ease and precision.”

Xiaomi: the summer campaign is coming!

Xiaomi: the video of the campaign

The beating heart of the campaign that accompanies the many promotions on a wide selection of products on is the narrative video “Rediscover summer with Xiaomi”, a story that invites viewers to embark on an extraordinary journey to rediscover the hidden wonders and forgotten emotions of everyday life. Through a unique look, the video highlights how Xiaomi products are the ideal companions to capture and preserve these precious moments, allowing you to relive the most exciting experiences and share them with your family or friends.

The production, entrusted to Creative Visuals, took place in Spain, in Miraflores de la Sierra, one of the most evocative summer resorts, to transport spectators in an engaging experience full of unforgettable moments. The main message is to “live life to the fullest” during the summer and to take every opportunity to create special memories.

Where to find it

The video, available on Xiaomi’s main social channels in Western Europe and in Italy on YouTube e Facebookreflects the brand’s lively personality and its constant commitment to providing innovative and high quality technological solutions.

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