XP Pen Deco Fun Review: 1 tablet, 3 sizes!

In this review we will analyze the XP Pen Deco Fun graphics tablet, in its three available sizes!

Are you a beginner in the world of digital drawing and do not know with what means to start? Among the myriad of graphics tablets produced by XP Pen, there is really spoiled for choice. After testing the Artist 13.3 Pro model (equipped with LCD screen) and Deco Pro MW (equipped with Bluetooth connectivity), we are ready to bring you the review of XP Pen Deco Fun.

This particular model comes in well three dimensions all proposed to gods very affordable prices. In fact, let’s start from €29.99 as for the smaller model. So will it be the best graphics tablet for newbies, or for those looking for a no-frills product? Read on to find out!

Data sheet

  • Pressure levels: 8192
  • Resolution: 5080LPI
  • Read speed: ≥220RPS
  • Reading height: 10 mm
  • Power input: DC 5V / 1A
  • Inputs: 1 USB-C
  • Compatibility: Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X 10.10 (and higher), Android 6.0 (and higher), Chrome OS 88 (and higher), Linux

Deco Fun XS size

  • Dimensions: 182.4 x 134.7 x 10.5mm
  • Active area: 4.8 ″ x 3 ″
  • Tilt not supported

Deco Fun S dimensions

  • Dimensions: 210.5 x 159.8 x 12.9mm
  • Active area: 6.3 ″ x 4 ″
  • Tilt: 60 °

Deco Fun Dimensions L

  • Dimensions: 315 x 222.9 x 12.5mm
  • Active area: 10 ″ x 6.27 ″
  • Tilt: 60 °

Unboxing – XP Pen Deco Fun Review

And already from the packaging you can see how the product is more “playful” and aimed at newbies, or those looking for a product dedicated to study. Although 3 sizes of the same tablet are available, the packaging remains the same for all versions. On the front facade we find a beautiful drawing that shows us the tablet sketched in a comic style, with various decorations around it. In addition to the company logo, at the bottom left we can find the name of the tablet itself. On the back, as usual, there are the various specifications.

At the opening, you will immediately be in front of the tablet wrapped in the usual plastic bag. By lifting it, the accessories included in the bundle will be hidden. Here, too, the cheaper nature of the product is noted. If for the other tablets we tested everything was presented in a more aesthetic way, here the accessories are contained in a plastic bag. The latter includes, in fact, the Style P01, a USB-C cable, 10 spare leads it’s a clipper to replace the latter more easily (in addition to the quick guide, of course).

The Stylus, unlike those present in the packages of the Artist 13.3 Pro and Deco Pro MW models, it is totally black. The color of the tablet, whatever blu, verde, rosso O neroin fact, it will not affect the shade of the pen.

Design and Build – XP Pen Deco Fun Review

XP Pen Deco Fun is available in 3 different sizes. As can be seen from the specifications listed above, the three dimensions vary quite a lot from each other. While the model “XS” it’s big 182,4 x 134,7 x 10,5mm, with an active area of ​​4.8 ″ x 3 ″, the model “S” measure 210,5 x 159,8 x 12,9mm with active area that reaches 6.3 ″ x 4 ″. The most generous is undoubtedly XP Pen Deco Fun L, with a size of 315 x 222,9 x 12,5mm and an area of ​​10 ″ x 6.27 ″. The latter two support a 60 ° tilt, not available for the XS version.

The construction, however, is common for all three. The front is divided into two sections. In fact, we have the active area of ​​the tablet, on which it will be possible to interact, as well as a glossy band in the upper part which contains only a small status LED that will light up when the Stylus is detected. The USB-C input is located on the upper edge, while the back has four rubber half spheres to prevent the tablet from sliding on the top.

The device is made entirely of plastic in all its versions. This allows you to maintain a really negligible weight, but it does not help the solidity of the product, which it is a bit fragile. They are missing, Furthermore, i tasti “shortcut”. As for the colors, these are all really nice. We had the opportunity to test the XS version in “red” color, which tends to coral, the S version in classic “black” color, while the “L” in “green”, closer to aquamarine.

An Enthusiast’s Experience – XP Pen Deco Fun Review

And when it comes to artistic content, we can’t help but include our collaborator which, in case you have read the previous reviews on XP Pen products, you will have already learned about: Nicolò. Here we are, therefore, at the section with his considerations as a lover of the sector who, taking on his experience and the use of various graphic tablets, states:

Here we are, again talking about XP Pen products. Unlike the previous reviews, in this section we will analyze the characteristics of three graphics tablets together. Well yes, the Chinese company has provided us with all three products that make up the collection “XP Pen Deco Fun” which is divided into “XP Pen Deco Fun XS”, “XP Pen Deco Fun S” and “XP Pen Deco Fun L”. I would say not to get lost in small talk and immediately start talking about it.

Let’s start by saying that all three tablets are identical from a setting point of view, the only thing that changes, of course, is their size (other than the fact that the smallest does not support a 60 ° tilt). Since drawing digitally, I have tried several graphics tablets and almost all of them had, more or less, very similar in size to “XP Pen Deco Fun L”, so I’ve always been used to drawing in a certain way. When I tried “XP Pen Deco Fun S” and “XP Pen Deco Fun XS”, I must admit that I was initially not very happy and I will explain why. As you well know, the area of ​​the tablet on which we draw corresponds to that of our PC screen and, therefore, wherever we place the pen, the cursor will follow our movements.

By transposing a 13-inch screen into such a small space, you will understand well the nature of my preliminary problems. Especially with the smaller model, the speed of movement was immediately too high for me. Although you get used to it after a few hours of use, at least with regard to the design, we advise you to choose the “S” or preferably “L” model. As for my personal experience, I would like to recommend the two more contained models to those who have no experience in the digital design sector, that is, to newbies.

XP Pen Deco Fun L, on the other hand, is just fine even for experienced users, but aren’t looking for something too specific or expensive. These tablets, just like “XP Pen Deco Pro MW”, can be connected to both Windows and MacOS devices and even to our smartphone. As I said in the last review, being able to draw on your smartphone can be a nice pastime, but not that useful for working.

For this review I wanted to make a design a little more particular than the previous ones. Not so much for the subject, but for the setting of the table. Instead of making a design for each tablet, I tried to combine business with pleasure, making only one with all three. Let me explain: I divided a table of 153,62x85cm (18.144x 10.144px) into three parts, in each of which I drew with a different tablet, also to see if the quality of the drawing would decrease or not. To my surprise, I managed not to recreate the “how to draw a horse” meme.

XP Pen Deco Fun Review: 1 tablet, 3 sizes!

Starting from the left, we have the section made with the “XS” Model, then move on to the “S” in the center and the “L” on the right


To conclude, XP Pen Deco Fun is a valid product, especially in its version with more generous dimensions. In case you were a novice, however, you might also find the S version surprising, while the XS is, in our opinion, suitable for a more scholastic use, perhaps to make schemes or whatever.

By clicking here, you will be directed directly to the pages to purchase these tablets in all three versions!

Points in favor

  • Three sizes available
  • 8192 pressure levels
  • Plug&Play
  • Really competitive price

Points against

  • Slightly fragile materials
  • Lack of shortcut keys