XPG: Mouse HEADSHOT e RAM GENESIS DDR5, arriva il Good Design Award thumbnail

XPG HEADSHOT and RAM GENESIS DDR5, there is the Good Design Award

XPG, a fast-growing provider of gaming systems, hardware components, peripherals for gamers, esports professionals and tech enthusiasts, announced that the gaming mouse XPG HEADSHOT and the GENESIS DDR5 RAM memory module were recognized for design excellence with the “Good Design Awards 2021”.

XPG: the characteristics of the products

The XPG HEADSHOT Gaming Mouse is a one-of-a-kind mouse produced via 4D printing and AI technology. 4D printing is used to create the structure of the same, with a cross-linked exterior that guarantees the use of an incredibly robust but lightweight mouse. Thanks to 4D printing, HEADSHOT can be customized to adapt the ergonomics to the shape of the hands of each gamer. Its design process was initiated with three key aspects namely lightness, incomparable ergonomics and elegant design. The XPG HEADSHOT also recently won Taiwan’s most influential design award, the “Golden Pin Design Award”.

XPG GENESIS DDR5 are next-generation RAMs that aim to deliver superior performance to gamers and PC enthusiasts. As a high-end DRAM module, it sports a high-quality look and design dominated by two metal surface treatments, one glossy and one matte. The module also uses grooves and intersecting geometric lines and a beveled surface for an extra touch of class.

The Awards received

About the “Good Design Award”
The “Good Design Award” is the most prestigious Japanese design evaluation and promotion program launched by the “Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization” (now Japan Institute of Design Promotion) in 1988. Based on the “Good Design Selection System” (or G Mark System) established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) in 1957, the program is committed to promoting and encouraging exemplary projects that facilitate industrial development and enrich people’s lives.

About “Golden Pin Design Award”
Established in 1981, Taiwan’s “Golden Pin Design Award” is one of the most prestigious design awards in China. The awards program is hosted by the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI). In 2015, the “Golden Pin Design Award” launched three distinct competitions: the “Golden Pin Design Award”, the “Golden Pin Concept Design Award” and the “Young Pin Design Award”. While each award caters to a different demographic group, the purpose of each is to praise outstanding innovation in design.

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