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XPG: Launches DDR5 5600 LANCER with AMD EXPO support

The complete range of ADATA and XPG DDR5 DRAMs is compatible with the latest AMD Ryzen platforms, let’s find out all in this dedicated article

XPGa fast-growing provider of gaming systems, hardware components, peripherals for gamers, esports professionals and tech enthusiasts, announces the launch of the new memory module XPG LANCER 5600 DDR5its first module DDR5 to support AMD EXPO (Extended Profiles for overclock); In addition, the whole full range of memory modules DDR5 from ADATA and XPG it is compatible with the latest platforms, ensuring optimal stability and performance.

XPG: Launches DDR5 5600 LANCER with AMD EXPO support

The LANCER DDR5 5600 are the first to support AMD EXPO

The LAUNCH DDR5 5600 they are capable of delivering performance up to 5600 MT/s and are available in variants with or without lighting RGB. There is also the possibility to choose the color of the heatsink between “Midnight Black” e “Snow White”.

With the announcement of the processors AMD Ryzen serie 7000XPG took the lead in launching the LANCER DDR5 5600 to allow gamers to upgrade to DDR5 and enjoy the benefits of AMD EXPO for easy overclocking.

The full range of memory models DDR5included CASTER, LANCER e HUNTERwill support AMD EXPO and will be available globally from October.

ADATA and XPG DDR5 memory are compatible with the latest AMD platforms

In addition to the XPG LANCER DDR5 5600, ADATA also took the opportunity to launch the memory module DDR5 5600 U-DIMM, obviously compatible with the latest AMD platforms. They are designed to provide avid creators with high processing efficiency and stable performance.

Both the memories U-DIMM XPG LANCER DDR5 5600 that ADATA DDR5 5600 are available in capacities up to 16GB and, are available in single e dual channel.

Plus, ADATA and XPG memory modules are backed by a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind. ADATA DDR5 5600 U-DIMM memory modules are now available, while LANCER RGB and LANCER 5600 are expected to be available globally at mid September.

XPG: Launches DDR5 5600 LANCER with AMD EXPO support

Further information

For further information are prices and availability, contact a representative near you via the official website. What do you think of these new DDR5 DRAMs, compatible with the latest AMD Ryzen platforms from ADATA and XPG? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on TechGameWorld.com.

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