XPG: porta a casa tre “Red Dot Awards: Product Design”

This year XPG takes home 3 awards at the Red Dot Awards: Product Design for two RAM modules and an SSD. Let’s see all the details

XPG, a fast-growing manufacturer of gaming systems, components and peripherals for gamers, esports professionals and tech enthusiasts, today announces that three of its products have been awarded with the prestigious “Red Dot Award 2021: Product Design”. The “Red Dot Award: Product Design” evaluates the best designs of all products that various manufacturers have been making since 1955. It recognizes excellence in product design, communication design and design concepts. This prize is awarded by an expert international jury. The three products are theSSD GAMMIX S70 PCIe Gen4, the RAM SPECTRIX D70G DDR4 and the SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme DDR4. Ibsen Chen, ADATA Product Marketing Director comments:

We are thrilled that three of our products have been awarded by Red Dot. This milestone affirms our commitment to supply not only performing products but also with meaningful designs. With our ingrained heritage and leadership in storage and memory products, it is fitting that our three Red Dot winners include a solid state drive and two DRAM modules.


With the latest PCIe Gen4 interface, the GAMMIX S70 will allow gamers to dominate the competition with sequential read / write performance up to 7400/6400 MB / s. For reliable and stable operation, the S70 is equipped with a XPG’s proprietary heatsink. The aluminum heat sink features a layered structure that is inspired by ocean waves and offers a larger surface area for heat dissipation. The hollow chambers below further increase the thermal cooling capabilities of the device channeling the air flow and heat transfer.

XPG: porta a casa tre “Red Dot Awards: Product Design”


The SPECTRIX D70G uses a design approach different from the other modules as it is built with a “double personality“. An interesting aspect is the contrast between the two surfaces. One is smooth and minimal, while the other is grooved and serrated. On the other hand, the module also offers two distinct aspects when theRGB lighting is on or off. When the latter is off, the external plastic structure is reminiscent of metal. When the lighting is on, the semi-transparent material lets the multicolored LEDs shine through. In terms of performance, the D70G offers frequencies up to 4600 MHz for effective multitasking.

XPG: porta a casa tre “Red Dot Awards: Product Design”


With frequencies up to 5000 MHz, the XPG SPECTRIX D50 Xtreme DDR4 RGB memory module delivers incredible frequencies to allow users to complete tasks quickly and efficiently. The exterior design was built to communicate speed and robustness. The structure, with 2mm thick was selected as the basis for its heatsink, which creates a product with a full-bodied and high quality consistency. On the structure there are “V” shaped grooves that cross the surface to create “X” patterns to represent speed, which is the first letter of the XPG brand. The D50 Xtreme eliminates the traditional rectangular RGB light bars found on many memory modules by presenting a triangular one.

XPG: porta a casa tre “Red Dot Awards: Product Design”

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