E3 2021: news on application and virtual experience

E3 2021 peeps out with an application and a virtual experience dedicated to the event

In this 2021, theE3 will be different from that of any other year, introducing both aapplication that a’virtual experience unpublished. The ESA, organizers of the whole, have revealed what the structure chosen for the event is and it will be entirely in digital format. So far, the major publishers who have confirmed their membership are Microsoft, Ubisoft, Take-Two, Capcom, Square Enix, Sega, Warner Bros., Bandai Namco, Koch Media e Nintendo, which will have several announcements to make. As for the Japanese Konami, as already confirmed by previous news, will not be present. Also Sony will not participate this year, joined by Activision Blizzard ed Electronic Arts who will run their own separate show in July.

E3 2021 in the name of technology with the arrival of an application and an unprecedented virtual experience

The novelty of this year is mainly linked to the entirely digital ways through which the viewer can participate in the event. L’E3 2021, in fact, it will be based on two communication tools: aapplication mobile and an online portal that gives life to avirtual experience. These will simply not show i highlights of the evening but will guarantee coverage for its entire duration. In this way, the public will be able to visit the stand virtuali of gaming houses, watch i live streaming and participate in the various events of the show. To do this, all you need is to create a account, which will also give access to a forum and some customization options for your avatar.

E3 2021: news on application and virtual experience

Public access to the portal for thevirtual experience and theapplication will open on the first day of E3 2021, the June 12th, to end, together with the event itself, on the 15th of the same month. The account created will also be completely free until the end of the month. The same tools will also be used by the press and industry professionals in the week of 7 June. In those days, they will have the opportunity to give interviews and have early access to demo and everything else that E3 offers. This, however, will not be the only way to watch the show. Even the official channels of E3 on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook e Twitter will be active and broadcast the main show, hosted by Greg Miller, Alex “Goldenboy” Mendez and Jacki Jing.

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