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XPG: unveils the new HURRICANE PWM fans

XPG unveils the new HURRICANE ARGB 120 / 140mm PWM fans, cool your PC with PWM fans, let’s find out together in this article

XPGa fast-growing provider of gaming systems, hardware components and peripherals for gamers, esports professionals and tech enthusiasts, today announced its new fans HURRICANE ARGB PWM. This new line is available in both sizes from 120 mm that gives 140 mm and was made for users who demand maximum cooling performance without sacrificing aesthetics.

XPG: unveils the new HURRICANE PWM fans

Designed for excellence

The brand has made great strides in development of your portfolio of products, both with liquid radiators AIO, than with the fan series XPG WIND market leader, culminating with the top of the range XPG VENTO PRO.

Today, XPG is proud to announce the addition of a new high performance fan series, called XPG HURRICANE. With rotation speeds of respectively 2000 e 1800 RPMthe models from 120 mm e 140 mm they can generate an excellent air flow, thus becoming more efficient than competing products in the same category.

Obviously the values ​​regarding the static pressure remain very high. The fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) offers smoother operation, offering less noise, lower power consumption and longer life. Likewise, the layout LED double ring offers a fascinating lighting effect with full customization of theARGBachieving the perfect balance between cooling efficiency and aesthetic beauty.

Patented design blades

The pale XPG HURRICANE fan use a patented design a double layer for the maximum performance in cooling. The main blade and the blade “booster”Work together to improve airflow and static pressure while minimizing drag. This allows the fan to deliver superior cooling results while keeping the noise down.

XPG: unveils the new HURRICANE PWM fans

4-pin PWM design with the possibility of series connection

The fans offer a level of control never seen before in XPG fans. Through technology PWM, these models monitor system temperature in real time and adjust fan speed smoothly and continuously. This also allows the fans to stay off at lower temperatures, helping to reduce both noise and long-term degradation.

XPG HURRICANE fans are also compatible with most applications software ARGB motherboard manufacturers to easily customize lighting settings and synchronize multiple fans connected in series. Or you can customize the fans directly with the software XPG PRIME.

For more information, visit the dedicated website. What do you think of these new HURRICANE ARGB 120 / 140mm PWM fans from XPG? Let us know below in the comments. Don’t forget to follow us on our Instagram page, on all our other social networks and to stay connected on

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