Xplora Smartwatch: the new X5 Play and XGO2 arrive in Italy

Xplora lands on the Italian market with two brand new products: Xplora X5 Play and Xplora XGO2. Equipped with the essential features of a smartphone, the two smartwatches have been designed for daily use by children from 5 years of age.

Xplora was founded with the aim of making children access the digital world safely and empower them to find a better balance between time spent in front of a screen and outdoor activities. Xplora’s range of related solutions and services helps little ones stay in touch with parents and family and encourages them to discover how their daily activities can positively impact the world. Their products have won numerous awards and are used by over 250,000 children around the world and the services of the Goplay platform are used by over ten million families.

The company has offices in Norway, England, Germany, Spain and is rapidly expanding its presence to other European countries and the United States. It has introduced numerous innovations in the children’s smartwatch market, including the launch of the first eSIM product to suit them, the Goplay platform and the step-based reward system. Xplora was founded by Sten Kirkbak, father of 4, who has been working in the world of technology for over 20 years. He invented the children’s smartwatch after his 4-year-old son wandered away from his family in a shopping mall and was only found after 30 minutes.

Xplora Smartwatch: the new X5 Play and XGO2 arrive in Italy

Always on the go with Xplora Goplay

Today more than ever, the very young spend a lot of their day sitting in front of a screen. It is imperative, and sometimes tiring for many parents, to get them to go out for outdoor activities. The mission of Xplora is precisely to help motivate children to move more, thanks to the combined use of the smartwatch and the online platform Goplay. The Goplay platform is a fun and stimulating environment and to make it more and more engaging Xplora regularly collaborates with companies in the film and animation industry, such as Paramount Pictures, Sony Playstation and Warner Bros. Goplay rewards children who move more. .

For every 1000 steps taken, the child receives coins, the Xplora Coins, and together with his parents, he can decide to use them to get gifts, services, do charity, give them to a friend. Additionally, the more active kid can get additional exclusive gifts, depending on his weekly score. Those who use smartwatches at home and participate in activities on the Goplay platform take an average of 300% more steps than their peers who do not use their devices.

Xplora Smartwatch: the new X5 Play and XGO2 arrive in Italy

Taking photos and sending selfies is child’s play

X5 Play e XGO2 have cell phone functions as well 4G, so that children can keep in touch with their parents, relatives and friends. All contacts must be approved in advance by parents and this makes their smartwatches a safe and secure way to give children their first, real, mobile phone. Thanks to the touchscreen and intuitive interface, receiving and making phone calls is very easy. There is also an SOS button, always functional, so that the child can immediately get in touch with his mother or father in an emergency..

Both products can also receive and send text messages, photos and emojis. When the child is in school, the mobile goes into mode “concentration” and is then deactivated to avoid distractions. Parents will also appreciate these Xplora products. Thanks to the integrated GPS chip, they will always know where their children are and will therefore be able to allow them, as they grow up, to have greater autonomy of movement, such as going to school or to the playground under the house alone. It is also possible to create “safety zones” that send notifications to the parent when the child enters or leaves these predetermined areas.

The right attention to the moments that matter

Thanks to the X5 Play (2 megapixel) and XGO2 (0.3 megapixel) camera, the little ones they can take a selfie and share it with their parents (or with any other authorized contact in the address book). Fun moments, important activities and meetings with friends can be immortalized and shared, in a controlled and safe environment.

Both smartwatches can store over a thousand images. Both X5 Play and XGO2 are fast and reliable, resistant to water, dust and sand. The battery lasts for 72 hours in standby mode and 5 hours for continuous use. Very light (54 grams for the X5 Play and 60 grams for the XGO2), both terminals are small and suitable for a child’s wrist.

Prices and availability

Xplora X5 Play is available in colors black, pink and blue and has a recommended retail price of €169,99, VAT included.

Xplora XGO2 is available in colors black, green, pink and blue and has a recommended retail price of €119.99, VAT included.

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