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Yehua G50-TX / R20-RX review: a pleasant discovery

In this article we will talk about the YEHUA Yehua G50-TX / R20-RX 4K Wireless HDMI Transmitter and Receiver, with 5G Wireless HDMI Extender Kit, 164FT / 50M great for streaming Video / Audio from Camera, Laptop, Blu-ray to Monitor

Today I will tell you about the Yehua G50-TX / R20-RX wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver kit, I was lucky enough to be able to thoroughly test this device, of which I will provide you with a complete and detailed description. YEHUA (click here to have a look at all the products on Amazon) has created one that can broadcast and extend signals up to 50 meters wirelessly. It has strong anti-interference capability by operating at 5 GHz operating frequency and supports one-to-one or one-to-many connection. It is a good solution for meeting, gaming, home entertainment and multimedia education, etc. Among the main features we have:

  • Long transmission distance up to 50 meters.
  • Plug and play, wireless transmission and no need to install apps.
  • Two antennas, support 5G at high speed. Ultra low latency.
  • Maximum Transmitter Resolution: 4K @ 30Hz; of the receiver: 1080P @ 60HZ
  • One key transmitter disconnect / reconnect.
  • Unique design for heat dissipation.
  • Portable, easy to carry when traveling.

A little general info

The wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver support Windows / Mac OS / iPad OS / iOS / Andriod system. To connect an HDMI device to the big screen, to a PC or to a projector, you need to use the transmitter and receiver at the same time. Plug and play, one-click connect / disconnect transmitter control. Instead, you can connect the phone to the TV just use the receiver.

  • Android: find the mirror function, choose “RX-BF”, wait for automatic streaming.
  • iOS: Go to iPhone Wi-Fi settings, Wi-Fi choose “RX-BF3AE0BF”. Click the website, enter the IP address “”. Click on “Internet”, choose your home Wi-Fi and password, wait for the TV screen icon in the top right corner to indicate that the connection is successful. Then go back to iPhone Wi-Fi settings, Wi-Fi choose home Wi-Fi. Press Airplay, choose “RX-BF3AE0BF”, then it will transmit automatically.

Wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver with transmission up to 50M in open field. The transmission distance is sufficient to cover the entire conference room or room in the house. You can watch online videos on the bedroom TV, but receiving the signal from the other room’s set-up box. Or have fun talking in the classroom / office without cables messy. Also great for other long distance operations, such as Surveillance, live streaming. A receiver can correspond to 8 transmitters, which can smoothly display files from multiple laptops. One-click switching function avoids staff position changes and messy cables. With the latest version of the standard transmission technology wireless a 5 GHz2.4GHz / 5GHz dual-band high-speed transmission is guaranteed for efficient conferencing.

Details on the Yehua G50-TX / R20-RX

The built-in chip of the wireless HDMI transmitter and receiver can prevent delays and delays caused by signal interference. The transmitter, transmits with 1080P resolution at 60Hz, receiving resolution up to 4K at 30Hz. You can enjoy clear and vivid images on a large screen. In addition to the HDMI port, there is no shortage of VGA and audio ports, support for HDMI + VGA dual screen output and external audio. The HDMI wireless transmitter and receiver is automatically paired at the manufacturing stage, which it really is plug-and-play. No apps, bluetooth or other settings are required. No computer knowledge is required to set up the product, and once out of the box, you can continue to connect as needed. Control with one click on the transmitter. It supports Mirror and Extended mode to meet your different usage needs. These HDMI wireless kits support streaming 3D or HD movies, TV series, video games, files, apps (including encryption apps). Compatible with HDMI output devices, such as laptop, PC, Blu-ray player, camera, DVD, DVR, IPTV, set-top box, sky box, even PS4 / 5, Nintendo Switch, satellite box, HDSLR etc. large screen such as HDTV, projector, monitor.

Packaging and unboxing | Yehua G50-TX / R20-RX review

The package is very simple and compact, consisting of a white card with the product information and, inside, a cardboard box containing the kit. Inside the package we find the transmitter and the receiver (with two antennas that can be mounted). A small HDMI-HDMI cable, two fairly long USB-A / USB-C cables to power the two devices, and the 5V 2A power supply. Also included are three different connections for the power supply socket, including the Italian standard one. To conclude, an instruction booklet also available in Italian. The package therefore includes practically everything to immediately start using the product without any need for other cables or adapters.

Technical features

Devices use the protocol IEEE 802.11ac 2.4 GHz e 5 GHz. They are also powered by 5V 2A, even if in most cases they are able to feed directly through the HDMI port. A receiver can connect with 8 different transmitters, obviously there is only one in the package. The transmitter has a very unique shape, like a drop with a large central button in the middle and with an HDMI cable of a few centimeters protruding from the rear. This is to connect it to any video and audio output source such as a PC, console and so on. It is self-powered and absorbs energy directly from the device to which it is connected, but if this is not enough in the front there is a type C input to power it (the necessary power supply is always 5V and 2A.

Il the receiver, on the other hand, is rectangular in shape. It has the power button on the short right side while in the back we find all the connections:

  • 2 threaded connections for antennas;
  • then we have an HDMI cable input;
  • a VGA input;
  • and again a USB type C input for power supply;
  • finally a headphone input.

The receiver must always be powered via the supplied power supply and must be connected to an output video source such as a screen, a TV, a projector, etc.

Materials and design Yehua G50-TX/R20-RX Review

Yehua G50-TX / R20-RX is made of premium materials and has a truly innovative and particular design. The transmitter it really is a lot piccolo, gray on the sides and black on the top. In the center it has the status light and a button useful for interrupting and resuming the data flow. The receiver is also well made, totally in aluminum, with the on / off button on the right side and the small reset slot underneath. Obviously, he too has the status LED. The components feel really strong and give you that feeling of compactness and durability that convey great peace of mind during assembly or use. Without that fear of damaging it as it could happen when handling other similar products.

Use tests and trials

Using and installing the transmitter and receiver is extremely simple and quick. In a few seconds you can transmit audio / video signals from one place to another without any need for direct wiring. The two devices arrive already paired from the factory, but in any case the procedure for pairing is well explained in the user manual. I must admit that I did not have to use the manual to pair devices such as a pc and projector, nor to connect the mobile phone to a screen. I tested the two devices first with a mini PC, then with a game console and finally with an Android device. The connection was practically immediate and I was really amazed by the perfect quality of the images transmitted and the total absence of lag and delays. Obviously the first tests were done with both devices in the same room, while for the following I tested the signal and the quality using them in different rooms.

I received the test

The two devices they communicate perfectly with each other without any need to set or configure them, once connected and powered (only the receiver if the transmitter is able to self-power) they communicate with each other carrying the audio video signal from one place to another only through their wireless communication. You can also access their configuration menu through the IP indicated in the manual or by connecting only the transmitter to a screen, you can use the mirroring function and transmit audio video content directly from your mobile phone.

Subsequent tests

After the first tests performed in the same room, I have moved the devices away for several meters, and then I placed them in two rooms at the far end of the house. The signal remained surprisingly stable. A really good result if you think that the product has a very low cost compared to similar competing items. One factor that helps keep the image quality so accurate is the length of the HDMI cables. In fact, they are so short precisely to maintain a high quality level of images as much as possible and to minimize interference and signal dispersion.


Moving on to the negatives, I must say I had some problems with the test on the Apple device. In fact it took a little longer to be able to perfectly anger the pc and transmit the images to share (but I’m not sure yet if the problem was my device or the projector). L’input lag is there, and even at very small distances it is felt. So I don’t recommend the device for video game streaming, (or at least for those that require low alertness and low input lag). However, I have had great responses (even better than I hoped for) in streaming movies, HD videos, documents, images or digital presentations. Even the audio manages to pass in a very clean way and there is no delay in the synchronization between audio and video (very important factor).

Considerations | Yehua G50-TX / R20-RX review

I found this Yehua Wireless HD Kit particularly performing and very suitable for office or home uses. Really very simple to connect, extremely intuitive (in my case it literally didn’t help to do anything except connect the devices), and with a professional design and not cheap at all. A product that I therefore feel I can recommend despite the slightly high price, but which I am sure will be able to solve various problems in the home and professional environment.

Conclusions and price

In conclusion, given the ease of use, the great functionality and versatility of the product (also throwing an eye on the price that currently is around € 180.00), I can’t help …

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