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AOC: Announces New V5 Series Monitors

AOC announces new V5 series monitors, perfect for smart working or students who want to update their home office screen in style

AOC announces the new monitors of the series V5perfect for it smart working or students who want to update their home office screen in style. Borderless V5 models on 3 to offer a sleek, slim display with a minimal footprint and advanced features like connectivity USB-C con Power Delivery da 65W.

Characterized by resolutions Full HD e QHD and with sizes ranging from 24″/60,4 cm (24V5C, 24V5CE) a 27″/68,6 cm (27V5C, 27V5CE, Q27V5C) e fino a 31,5″/80 cm Q32V5CE.

A fresh design

In a world where work from home will be there normalitymany have realized that working only with the laptop screen is not neither healthy nor comfortable. This change of perspective has meant that in many homes an office corner is set up with a dedicated monitor and keyboard / mouse. Often the space is conditioned by monitors bulky and messy cablescompromising aspects of the design and well-being.

The V5 is now able to enhance any configuration of home office. The appearance of the V5 series is attractive but understated at the same time: it is available in black with a borderless design on three sides, with a very narrow bezel at the bottom and a very thin base (12.1 mm), with stand options adjustable in height (V5C) or simpler (V5CE) with different levels of inclination. The models V5C offer numerous arrangements in terms of tilt, swivel (90 °) and height adjustment of 130 mm, for ergonomic use in work or entertainment environments.

V for Versatility

The versatility is the heart of the V5 series: All models are equipped with a hub USB 3.2 a 4 porte and a connector USB-C con Power Delivery da 65W. Students who bring theirs home tablet/laptopor users WFH flexible who take their laptop home to continue working at their desk, they can simply connect their devices to extend the display on monitors with a single USB-C cable. The USB-C connection will power and charge the device while simultaneously transferring the display signal and giving access to other devices on the built-in USB hub.

Elegant on the outside, rich on the inside

The reliable DNA of AOC’s experience in the field of displays is obviously present in the V5 series. The broad gamut (with 120% sRGB or better, 90% DCI-P3 or better) and the color accuracy of the panels IPS (for 24 ″ and 27 ″) or VA (for 32 ″) bring images to life with brilliant colors, vibrant hues and natural shades.

The update rate of 75 Hz super i 60 Hz of normal office models, while the response time GtG di 4 ms and support AMD FreeSync make the V5 series suitable for casual gaming sessions after work hours. Integrated speakers (3Wx2 and 5Wx2 for the Q32V5CE) and headphone jack complete the package for any entertainment purpose.

Equipped with IPS panels

Endowed of IPS panels with resolution Full HD (1920 × 1080), compact models 24″ 24V5C e 24V5CE they easily fit even the smallest desks.

In the 27-inch range, AOC also offers three models with IPS panels, the Full HD 27V5C e 27V5CEwhere he Q27V5C with resolution QHD (2560×1440). Il Q27V5Cwhich today represents the top of the range in terms of size and resolution, offers a step forward in terms of sharpness and clarity, offering a better screen surface.

The largest model in the series, the Q32V5CEoffers a panel VA gives 31.5″ frameless on three sides with resolution QHD (2560 × 1440). Covering a large percentage of the user’s field of view with a small footprint, the Q32V5CE is suitable for users who need a large screen surface in a confined space. The support of the Q32V5CE offers a tilt adjustment of -5/23°but it also supports the mount option VESA like other models, allowing the use of monitor arms.

With a contrast ratio of 3000: 1 thanks to the VA panel, watching movies from streaming services or occasionally playing games on this big screen will become a pleasant pastime for many after work.

Prices and availability

The AOCs 24V5C, 24V5CE, 27V5C, 27V5CE, Q27V5C e Q32V5CE are available and can be purchased at the following recommended prices:

  • 24V5C: €269,00
  • 24V5CE: €239,00
  • 27V5C: €299,00
  • 27V5CE: €279,00
  • Q27V5C: €379,00
  • Q32V5CE: €399,00

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