You become a content creator: Trust solutions for taking your first steps

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Trust solutions are here to take your first steps as a “Content Creator”. Here are the perfect technological partners to always keep by your side

To become true digital content creators, it is essential to have adequate technological partners at your side. In addition to a good dose of creativity, dedication and passion, cutting-edge tools and intelligent solutions are needed; so as to be able to give life, color and dynamism to your ideas, transforming them into unique digital works.

Whether you are already an experienced content creator, or you are starting this adventure, you can rely on Trust; a renowned company specialized in the production of digital lifestyle devices, has selected a series of products that will soon become essential for you.

You become a content creator: Trust solutions for taking your first steps

Trust’s solutions for becoming a Content Creator

Maku+ Kit streaming 2-in-1: This kit offers a complete solution for streaming and content creation. Includes a ring light to ensure perfect lighting when shooting photos or videos, essential for achieving high-quality results. The kit also includes a green background (green screen) to improve your gaming station. With the Maku ring light, you can adjust the tone of the light to cold, warm or neutral and use a practical dimmer with 10 different settings to adapt it to the mood of each video. The kit is USB powered, meaning you simply plug it into your phone charger to start recording or streaming. Additionally, you can use a power bank to take the kit on the go. Prezzo: € 44,99.

You become a content creator: Trust solutions for taking your first steps

GXT 718 RAYZEE sedia da gaming pieghevole: Rayzee is a gaming chair that stands out for its foldable design. It is ready to use in moments, offering a wide variety of adjustments thanks to the adjustable backrest and headrest. With 5 different positions to choose from, you can easily find the ideal angle for optimal playing comfort. After use, the chair can be folded up and conveniently stored under the bed or in the wardrobe. Prezzo: € 89,99.

Microphones and webcams

Professional microphone with GXT 255+ ONYX boom: This professional microphone features an adjustable boom, a cushioned stand and a pop filter. It’s ideal for producing crisp, clean audio, perfect for streaming, podcasting, vlogging and more. The microphone has a cardioid recording pattern that reduces background noise, ensuring a clear and well-defined voice. Prezzo: € 199,99.

TEZA Webcam Ultra HD 4K: To obtain high quality videos with 4K images, TEZA is the ideal webcam. It offers a wide 74° field of view and has two built-in microphones. The webcam comes with a tripod and privacy lens cover, giving you more control and stability during video calls or recordings. Plus, the included USB-A to USB-C adapter makes the webcam compatible with most laptops and PCs. Prezzo: € 139,99.

You become a content creator: Trust solutions for taking your first steps

All these products are available in Italy at the main physical and online retailers, as well as on the Trust Amazon webshop. And you? What do you think of these Trust products ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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